Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Clinic Appointment

Today we had a good clinic visit. Treatment number five is done! Sadly he has lost another 1.5 pounds which personally offended me because we have been so proud of his food intake, but the oncologist was not too worried. He only received Vinchristine today so we pray he has another feel good week this week.

Next Friday will be a big day for us. We will go up Thursday evening for the CT scan Friday morning. This scan will be important to determine his chemo regimen. If the lesions are gone, then we will continue on this protocol which includes the chemo drugs he has already received for the next 31 treatments. Clearly this is what we pray for daily:)

If the lesions are not gone or there is a loss of heterozygocity (which we are still waiting on results from original surgery), then we will switch to another chemo protocol with different drugs and lung radiation. If the lesions are still there then we will have to return to Charlottesville the following Monday for daily chemo treamtent and radiation for at least five straight days in the new protocol.

Overall despite the weight loss, David had a good evaluation today. His blood pressure, Creatinine level, and blood work all came back good. He is cleared to be out and about since his neutrafill (sp?) level was good.

Okay, get your tissue ready. Today we received a very generous gift of a new Xbox with an additional controller and three new games courtesy of a special family in Albemarle County. Their son, Jeffrey, died from leukemia several years ago. When Jeffrey would come in for his treatments he would bring his Xbox and share it with other patients on the floor. When he realized that he was going to lose his battle, he started giving away all his electronics to friends on the floor. In his memory, this wonderful family now gives away a new game system to every newly diagnosed child with cancer at UVA. Unbelieveable huh?!

This nightmare has been so hard and today was hard when his port had to be accessed again. The numbing creme helps some, but it does not take away the anxiety David feels. But through this nightmare we have been reminded how good can come out of hard times. We have been so blessed with all the outpouring of love from you all and the Grace and Mercy from our Lord. Then to realize that complete strangers would give us such a generous gift just reminds us that we have so many folks praying and rooting for us in this battle again Goliath and that makes us feel so much braver.

There have been days lately that we have not felt very brave. Please never forget that we are so weak and scared and the strong one here is our Lord Jesus. We have turned this battle over to Him, and we know that God is holding our brave Rock Star in his capable hands.

So prayer warriors, we covet your prayers for the scan next Friday, January 6th. Please pray that they get a good scan of his lungs and that the lesions are all gone:) Thanks for the love and goodbye from the SUV thankfully heading down I-81!!

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