Friday, December 23, 2011

Night at the Court

For a few minutes last night I forgot about the cancer word, all the upcoming chemo treatments, and scary side effects that we could face. Instead the five of us headed to watch some great local atheletes compete in a basketball game. I think it wore David out, but.....

look at his big smile!! Here he is with Marshall Wagner who should be out on the court, but unfortunately is injured right now. He is a great young man and David is obviously thrilled to see him! His Mom, Ellen is one of the two button makers and was responsible for all those amazing buttons that everyone is sporting. Thank you Wagner family for all the love:)

Marshall, Dave, and our friend Doug. Doug was gracious enough to take Kyle to school while we were at UVA and they are wonderful neighbors to us. His daughter Kelsey is in David's class and is his chief protector/Momma:)

Hope Madeline was a little shy at first, but then she warmed up and had fun with her friends at the game. She talks NONSTOP at home, but out in public she is painfully shy.

Devin, David and Kelsey. Devin is on Kyle's AAU team and has a wonderful heart. We love this kid. Here is Kelsey right by David's side:)

Daddy got a smile out of Hope! We HAD to braid her hair before the game and also do her nails and toes before we could leave. DIVA!

This picture melts my heart. For so many weeks we watched David being poked and prodded in the hospital and it makes us both so happy to see him home and out and about with his friends. I got teary several times last night seeing kids big and small come up to DAvid and talk with him. The Lord has put some amazing people in our life here and we are so thankful. (you can also see that he has a Gatorade mustache because he drank a whole bottle of it plus three piece of pizza)!

Being silly with the Burkett kids. Their Momma Lynn was the one who dreamed up the Team David for the Thomas Musser walk.

Ashley and Jason even came to visit with David at the game. Ashley has been very sick this week with bronchitis so we have not seen her too much this week and we have all missed her. Thankfully she is feeling better:) We have obviously spent too much time together because we showed in the same shirt just different colors! HA! I love it:)

Marshall was super kind and took DAvid into the locker room with the team and showed him around. Then David insisted he carry him out on the court:)

Then David sat on the bench with the team during pre-game. He was devastated when Marshall had to move and he could not sit with him:) I pray my boys have as big of a heart as Marshall does. I have asked the Wagners over and over what they have done to raise such big-hearted kids.

It was really a wonderful night out seeing some special friends and watching our boy have a fun night at the court. This county has been so amazing to our Rock Star and it encourages us so much the number of people that come up to us with a hug or smile and tell us that they are praying for us. We are so blessed to live in a community that prays and are approaching the Throne of Grace on our behalf.

Tonight we have another fun night planned with some special friends. We are going to make Rock Star put down his guitar and rest up for tonight. Last year we had a progressive dinner with three other families. We all thought that we could scratch it this year due to our circumstances, but my kiddos threw a fit and insisted. As good as David has felt this week we have thrown it together last minute and we are going to go ahead with a scaled down version. Last year we visited three houses for appetizers, main course, and dessert, but this year to make it a shorter evening, we are doing appetizer and main course at one house and dessert at another. My kids are thrilled and so excited and it feels so good to get to do normal things with some special people:)

We are so blown away at how good David feels this week and we are so thankful that God heard our pleas for an easy week of chemo. He is feeling so good that he jammed out to some Christmas songs this morning:) Enjoy this short little video of our wild boy rocking on! (p.s. before watching the video scroll down to the playlist and pause the blog music to hear Rock Star singing!)

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  1. Have fun at school david
    Love Alex Mazoff and J Mellinger