Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day of Rest

Today has been a day of rest and hydration to help David have a bowel movement. Ashley and Jason were here to help me while I checked out of the RMH house and moved into The Pendleton's condo. David was very sluggish and tired until the Osborne family showed up with Kyle. Kyle really wanted to see David so they offered to bring Kyle down. David was THRILLED to see his friends:)

He perked right up when they came in!

My heart smiled when I saw that Kyle and Caleb had on their Team David shirts. Tonya and I smiled when we realized that David and Reid had on the same shirts and we did not plan it:) David was so happy-check out that smile!

David will do what he needs to for others and here is Macy making him drink his Gatorade! Ha! I love it! Kyle did not want to leave and asked if he could stay here with us. It broke my heart but I promised him that oh so soon we will all be in MArion under one roof. The big news is that David finally pooped tonight so it is looking good for discharge tomorrow if all goes well with his chemo and radiation:) We are praising God from Party Central tonight!!

Look at my happy Rock Star to see his friend Reid. We were so thankful that the Osborne's were willing to bring Kyle down to see David.

My heart just swells when I think about how amazing Kyle has been through this whole nightmare. He loves his David and he is ready for us all to be together. That will truly be a happy day. David was sitting on the potty tonight crying for "Marion" That boy knows where all the love has come from and he is ready to go home and see his fan club.

I love silly pictures that remind me that life will get back to normal again sometime. This morning the oncolgist came during rounds and we talked for a while about what David needed to do today (drink and poop). She then asked me if I had any additional questions or concerns and I spoke up and just asked her how to live. I explained to her that we have crossed the bridge where we learned the awful news, we have made it through the big ugly surgery, and we are starting the treatment phase. At some glorious point down the road we will be at the end of treatment stage where we PRAY that he will be in remission. But I cannot wrap my head around the idea that life will ever ever be normal again.

I just keep getting stuck on the idea that life will never be normal again because I will always be stressed that the c word will come back. She then explained that other parents find that the c word is always in their minds, but as time passes it moves a little bit further back each and every day. She then pointed to our bible verses and said "it is also obvious that you all have a strong faith so that is where your faith will carry you" Makes sense to me, but we will need to pray that God will give us peace. He has been so faithful that Iknow he knows our hearts and will provide, but that fear of relapse has been gnawing at me lately.

In the meantime we are ready to fight. We have a grueling week ahead of chemo tomorrow and five radiation treatments-one each morning this week. It will be hard, but knowing our Rock Star he will take it all in stride. He is our hero and our strength. He makes us laugh when we could bawl and he has wormed his way into many a heart here in Wahoo Land.

David enjoyed a few hours alone with Ashley and Jason while I packed up and moved our stuff around. Right as I was checking out of the RMH house, a family called asking about availability. I was so pleased that our room will be used tonight for another family that is living some kind of nightmare. I will miss smelling the breakfast in the morning at the RMH house from that kind Amish family that has put out a breakfast spread each morning. Y'all know I am obsessed with Amish living and it is truly a miracle I have not embarrassed myself and invited myself to eat with them. :)

So tonight this is what we know:

That David pooped and hopefully it was enough to break us out of here!! If so, we will be staying this week during treatments at the Pendlton's condo here in Cville. They were so gracious to offer it to us-it is precious and clean and will be the perfect cozy spot for Rock Star to rest this week. The RMH house is pretty loud and chaotic.

That we are counting the hours until we can go home to Marion and be under one roof together.

That David has a grueling week ahead, but I know that Jesus will be with us each step of the way.

That God is awesome and has provided for us. One of the sweet nurses brought us a Chris Tomlin CD of Christmas music that is so awesome. UVA has taken care of our entire family these last 18 days and I am so thankful for the care that we have received.

That we know we still have a long road of treatment to endure for Rock Star but after this week radiation will be done and he will have a weekly appointment here in Cville for chemo on Mondays. After all that we have been through that sounds like a walk in the park but I know we still have an uphill battle. The risk of infection or the scary pneumonia is real and we will have to be the ultimate germ freaks when we get home. I will worry about that another day.

That I miss my man. He is home tonight to attend an important school meeting tomorrow. When he is gone I realize what a team we are and I have missed him tonight. He is returning here tomorrow evening after his meeting. My Mom will be running the Marion household until we return on Friday. We are obsessed with getting home on Friday to be with the birthday boy for the big 10th birthday.

That we have some amazing friends. During this nightmare we have realized how blessed we are to live where we do and be surrounded by such a loving "extended family." The nurses here are blown away how many visitors we have had considering the distance. Southwest VA knows how to love a family and stand in the gap. Wow.

My heart has been heavy here on 7 Central tonight. There are lots of infants here. There is an infant here that has not had a parent here all weekend. His bassinet stays in the hallway so the nurses can hear him cry. You often see them sitting with him in their arms as they work. It breaks my heart that he is here alone. We do not leave our Rock Star to go get a drink and here is an infant here alone. Sigh. Then I remember that that baby does not have a parent here but He has his heavenly Father here with him always.

The need for everyone to get to know Jesus better each day. You never know when your family may face a nightmare and it is so much easier to know all about Jesus so you can remember his strength and power when you are facing a crisis. If we did not have our Jesus we both would have crumbled two weeks ago it has been so hard here. Our Jesus has given us both a superhuman strength to endure watching our baby endure this nightmare. If we had not known of Jesus' comfort, mercy, power, and might we would have felt hopeless. We have just kept recalling all the miracles that Jesus has performed throughout the bible and it has given us such great hope.

Good night from Party Central and hopefully tomorrow night I can post all about breaking our Rock Star out of here and taking this show on the road:)

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