Sunday, March 18, 2012

Blessing of Children

I am reminded everyday in so many ways that children bless all of our lives.  I have three precious ones at home but there are so many more.  Laura and I are blessed through our jobs, through our friends, and through our kids activities to be surrounded by Gods children most of our day. 

I am constantly reminding myself to take every chance to spend time with my own kids even when my favorite show (Swamp People) is on or I am playing my new favorite game (Word with Friends).  It is so easy when we are tired to take "a moment" for ourselves.  The last four months have reminded me that I only get one chance with my own kids.

I could write a ton about the 5000 children who walk the halls of a Smyth County school or the hundreds of thousands that are in schools across our nation everyday.  I just ask that you join me in lifting a prayer for all the children in our community, state, and nation that they know that the adults in their life find them to be a blessing.

One of my constant struggles is with trying to find the right balance of being a "cool" (is that word even used anymore) Dad and holding my kids to a high standard with the way they conduct themselves.  If you ask Kyle what would your Dad say as his motto to him, I hope he would say  "Do the right thing".  I hope and pray as he gets older and gets into situations where he has to make a life decision that that motto might ring in the back of his head.  We take the verse in the bible about training up your children literally and each day we strive to prepare them for their future academically, spiritually, emotionally, and morally.  Children need to be trained and taught in love to prepare them for future service to God.

Not only are Laura and I blessed to be parents but we are also blessed by so many kids that we have gotten to know.  From the TBall field to the basketball court to playdates to the neighborhood kids there are so many kids who are blessings to all who encounter them including our family. 

All children are a blessing from our Most High God.  As we go through our busy lives, take an extra minute to enjoy the children who bless your life.


  1. Very nicely written, Mike. Something for all of us to remember. We think of you all often.

    The Dalys

  2. Wow!!! You just put into words how I feel about my own child (who is now an adult) and the children I work with every day at school. I try to read the blog daily and always keep David and your family in my prayers.
    Kathy Witt, Principal

  3. I feel such gratitude to our Lord for placing such an amazing family of God over our local school system. Thank you for your dedication to God first and to our children. Thank you for covering our children with prayer. We appreciate the job you do and we continue to lift you and your family up in prayer daily!! Your courage is simply amazing!