Sunday, March 11, 2012

Full to the Brim

This weekend was full to the brim with friends, basketball, blessings, and fun.  This weekend has felt like an "old before cancer" weekend and we loved it.  The weather was gorgeous and David has felt great.  I did not have my Nikon this weekend, so these pictures are all from my iphone.
 Friday afternoon we had a spontaneous lunch out with some preschool friends and then Hope had Sydney over to play.  They played so hard and then they had some rest time to watch Beauty and the Beast.  We were all tired, so I snuggled up with them and watched the  movie too!
 Saturday we were in our last AAU tournament of the season.  I will enjoy having our weekends again but I will certainly miss being around this group of boys.  They are such great kids and lunches in between games is part of the fun.  I am beyond thankful that these boys are in our life!
 The Robinson girls smiling at the game!  Hope loves to cheer on her brother and she also loves to eat some "nacheos" during each game.  She always comes home covered in nacho cheeese! 
 Our Hornet boys!  Don't you love the hot pink shoelaces??!!  Most of the boys are sporting the breast cancer awareness shoe laces!  Love these boys so much!
 We were super blessed today with a visit from Challenger the bald eagle!  Here he is with his caregiver Al and he was willing to meet us at the tournament and let David see the eagle and give him a blessing.  We were so touched that they were willing to stop on their way home from D.C. to visit us!  Challenger usually lives at Dollywood but he is a super famous eagle!  It was so neat to meet Al and Gretchen and Challenger. 

Al gave David a book about Challenger, and here he is reading it to him.  He did the sweetest blessing over David.  We were so touched.  I even saw Mike Robinson wiping away a few tears:)
 Not many children can say that Challenger has made a home visit!  We were so thankful they were willing to meet us outside of the gym during the tournament!

 This has happened way too many times this year, but our fourth grade team made it to the championship and we lost by one point in the last second.  :(  We lost to a team from Roanoke.  Heart breakers build character I guess:)
 I guess my children did not get enough hoops this weekend because we came home and they drug out the balls and goals and played in the driveway.  Check out Hope's defense!  She kept saying "I hold my hands up wike Kyle"  It was too cute to correct her that she needed both hands up!  Ha!  This girl keeps us laughing:)
 I caught smart girl playing some good offense!  David was pressing her in tough defense and so she ran around the back of the goal to make a basket!  She may not be a tall girl one day, but she will be a smart hoops player!!  Ha! Don't you also love David's Hornet uniform?! 
David entertained himself for hours playing with the fat face app on Delania's phone.  He would take pictures of everybody and then make them have  a fat face with the app!  Delania texted me this one of Mike and David with a fat face!!:) Silly boys:)

This weekend has given me a glimpse of hope that cancer will not always rule our every moment.  It will forever be with us and it has already changed us, but there is a  little glimmer of hope that our weekends will be full of friends and fun instead of hospitals and chemo.  Praise the Lord for this next two week break! 

This weekend has been so good for the soul.  The visit and blessing from Challenger, along with the sunshine, and love from friends have made this Momma hopeful that life will eventually get back to a "new normal" and that this Rock Star has a lot of love in his life.  Happy Sunday evening from HOME!:)

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