Thursday, March 1, 2012

Good News and Some Not so Good news

Today was rough.  David was tired and grumpy and now associates the big hospital with bad stuff.  As soon as we pulled in the parking garage his whole demeanor changed:(  First stop was to radiology for the CT scan.  It was all good until this nice gentleman brought us some liquid to drink for the scan.  It was not pretty to get him to take a few sips, but eventually we went ahead with the scan. 
The CT scan did not go as well as last time.  He has white coat syndrome these days and he just could not relax today.  We tried all our usual tricks, but we were not as successful:) The images they got were okay, not great.  The great news is that it appears that no new lesions have appeared on his abdomen or lungs!  Praise you Lord!!! 

David also had an echocardiogram and EKG to check and make sure that the intensive chemo has not affected his heart.  Blessedly the results from those were okay.  The echo went okay because he watched the Lion King during it, but the EKG was not pretty:(

The not so great part of this story is that the clinic sent us on home and told us that they would call us with the results on the road.  Around Roanoke Mike's cell phone rang and it was our oncologist asking where we were?  She said that David's blood results came back very low in terms of his hemoglobin and white blood cells and that he needs a transfusion ASAP.  His hemoglobin was 6 which explains why he was so tired today and was not his happy self.  Poor sweet buddy:(

So Mike and I chose to not turn around and head back but instead for David and me to stay tonight in Radford where Hope is.  We will get up in the morning early and be back at UVA by 9:00 am to start the transfusion.  This is just another unexpected detour, but we plan to get to our final destination sometime!!

So tonight this is what we know:

Our prayers were answered and no new lesions have popped up!!! 

We are tired, but we probably feel way better than David does right now with such a low hemoglobin.

Today was not our prettiest day at UVA, but we know that our Jesus met us there and held our hands throughout this long, hard day today.  David was not the easiest patient, but God blessed us with some amazing professionals that helped us tremendously today. 

We hope that David feels a lot better tomorrow after the transfusion.  A low hemoglobin makes you feel pretty yucky:(

Today was treatment #12 out of 31!  Next week's treatment will be on Wednesday and will be another long day as David will get three different chemo drugs.  Week fourteen and fifteen are blessedly breaks and he will not receive any chemo!!!!!!!  That was certainly something to smile about today:)

So tonight we are bunking at GG and Pops in Radford gearing up for another trip down 81 tomorrow.  We are clinging to our Jesus and we are so thankful for the wonderful care that we continue to get at UVA.  Good night from Radford!

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  1. Thank you God there are no new spots! I pray tomorrow goes good and Rock Star will Rock through this like a breeze Friday. Aww How He Loves Us, the song just makes me smile to know he holds us so close under his wing and guides us. God is so Good. Keep your head up Momma, you are the best!!!! love and prayers for you all!