Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Treatment #13

Blessedly treatment #13 is in the books!  We made it successfully through another long day of treatment.  I have made the trip to UVA three times in the last seven days.  I am over the interstate and driving:)  We were blessed tonight with a homecooked meal.  When I picked up Hope in Radford, my Mom tucked a wonderful meal all ready to eat when we got home.  It was so yummy!  Thanks GG!
David and I flew solo this trip.  He loves "Bonnie's house"  (aka Camp Pendleton) because he loves to pull her sofa bed out and lay on it to watch TV!  He is so rotten!  We love the condo so much and it feels like home now to us:)
He now associates UVA with accessing his port.  When I woke him up this morning at Camp Pendleton he said "port access" and I refused to lie to him and I said yes that he had to get his port accessed.  We talked about it on the way to the hospital and here he is giving me the thumbs up that we are going to have a great day and he is not going to cry!  I will report that the port access went way smoother today with just a few tears shed:)  We are so proud of our brave boy!
Decked out in his Angry birds shirt and hat!  His outfit was a hit at clinic!  Meghan took him walking around to show off his outfit to all the doctors and nurses:) Bird is definitely the word with this guy! I also realized that he asks for a wheel chair when we arrive at the hospital.  I used to think it was because he was too tired and weak to walk through the big hospital, but today I realized it is because he wants to keep playing the iPad and he cannot play and walk at the same time!  Rotten egg he is:)

Hanging out in clinic!  He had a great checkup today weighing in at 51 pounds!  His vitals were all good.  It took a while for the labs to come back and chemo to start but he had his iPad and movies and he was fine.
This is not a blood transfusion but one of his chemo drugs.  Doxarubicin is a chemo drug that happens to be red?!  Weird huh?!  His tears, sweat, and urine can be red after this drug. 
Here I caught him doing something so David but so illegal.  He has learned that you can unplug the IV pole when you want to go somewhere.  He typically should not do this, but I caught him! Ha! 
He was off to find Ms. Meghan the educational consultant whom we love!
He found her and here they are in toy box room!  Every child gets a trip to this room after their port is accessed as a reward!  This is always the highlight of our clinic visit and the DVDs are also housed in here too. 

Poor pumpkin!  He typically receives Zofran as an anti-nausea drug before chemo and it usually wipes him out:)  We had a peaceful ride home and we are so thankful to all be under the same roof again.  We now get a break and our next appointment is not scheduled again until (drum roll.......) March 28th!!!!  YAY!  We will still have to go to our local doctor for twice weekly blood draws,  but unless he needs a transfusion or gets an infection we can stay away from UVA and let his little body rest.  Please pray that this is a break and we do not need to make a trip to UVA until the 28th:)  I am also super excited for tomorrow because a big group of ladies from church is going to see Casting Crowns in concert:)  Good night from my favorite place-HOME:)

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