Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend has been a lot of fun!  Friday evening we got home from UVA just in time for my haircut with Victoria!  I was in desperate need!  Saturday morning, we left David at home with Ashley and we headed to a nearby town for an AAU tournament.  We love our Hornets basketball team and we love cheering on our boys!  We had some great wins and overall we played well. (If you hear a rumor about me making an opposing player cry it is totally not true:) Ha!  This competitive sports Momma loves to cheer loudly for our boys!

My tip off guy!
Getting our runner-up medals! 
GG surprised Kyle and came down for the championship game!  Here she is giving David a hug goodbye.  Don't you love his chili face?  He ate three hot dogs throughout the day!  He stayed home with Ashley on Saturday, but we brought him today for the championship games!
Here is DAvid hanging out with the high school crowd.  David is so way cooler than we are! 
Hope and Macy had fun!  We have some sweet little sister siblings on our team and they have such fun running around together. 
I really wanted a serious picture of my three Hornet boys in their uniforms, but David was too silly to cooperate.  The team got him his own uniform and he loves wearing it!  He typically sits on the bench with the team when he is not hanging out with the high school kids.  We have spent well over 15 hours total in a gym this weekend cheering on not only our Hornet boys, but other local teams that were playing in this tournament.  I love it because we are all together as a family encouraging kids doing something they love-playing hoops! 

Tomorrow David is due at our local doctor's office for a finger prick to check his levels.  His absolute neutraphil count (ANC) has to be at least 750 by tomorrow for chemo to be a go this Wednesday.  We hope it is so we can stay on our course.  The faster we do it the closer we are to being done.  We really do not want to keep pushing his treatments back further.  He has eaten well and had a great weekend with us at the games and here with Ashley. 

Hope your weekend was wonderful! 

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  1. I love the pictures of your family. David's is my little mischievous hero. He always looks like he is up to something!! Gotta love that boy. Hope always looks like she is ready to give someone a great big hug. She has such an angelic smile. Kyle looks like the big brother who will be there when he's needed. He's such a grown up young man. Prayers to all. Love you all very much.