Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday, Monday

It is a cold, snowy and breezy Monday here but we have certainly had a busy day.  The boys were on a two hour delay this morning, which gave us a morning to have a little slower pace.  David had to have labs drawn at our local doctors office.  It was still way stressful for him, but blessedly they got it done and we are still waiting for results from UVA.  His chemo this week is count dependent, so we are waiting to hear if Wednesday is a go. 
Kyle and I had an impromptu bible lesson this morning.  I really believe the above verse is so important to memorize because it talks about how important our friendships are.  So we are all trying to memorize this verse.  This comes after a weekend of spending lots of hours with our Hornet basketball family.  I thought it was so sweet when Kyle said "Mom that verse does not talk about anyone on our team because everyone loves God on our team and does the right thing."  He is right that our team is a wonderful group of boys, and I am so thankful for these positive guys in Kyle's life. 
I know that Youtube can be a negative thing, but for our little ones right now it is awesome!  They both love praise music right now and watch David Crowder band videos.  They both can almost sing every one of their songs?!  It is hilarious to hear Hope singing "Oh pwaise him" 

I am not sure if I have blogged about Rocky Duke or not.  But in this above picture is David's classroom teacher, Mrs. Hubble.  We just love her.  When David is unable to come to school, she comes to our house after school to be his homebound teacher.  The monkey in the picture with her is David's Monkey in My Chair named Rocky Duke.  Rocky Duke sits in David's chair when he is unable to be at school.  Not only have all the children enjoyed Rocky Duke, but Mrs. Hubble has said that he has helped her deal with David's absences.  Mrs. Hubble will pose Rocky Duke doing different things around the building and text them to us when he is in the hospital.  THis is one she sent where he was helping her hang the hearts in the hallway! 
Mrs. Hubble snapped this picture of David just today.  He went to school for about three hours.  She texts me when he has had enough and we go get him.  Today he got to be the office helper and doesn't he look so cute in his Angry Birds hat?!

This might be one of my favorite pictures of David.  Here he is with Rocky Duke doing some silent reading.  I love his hat!  He does enjoy school so much, but it definitely wears him out:) We are so thankful for all the love that MPS has shown David and our family. They are currently selling hearts to benefit the Ronald McDonald house.  Each year they do a community service project and this year they chose the Ronald McDonald house.  I know that David is loved at his school:)  We are doubly blessed by a teacher that is willing to have Rocky Duke at school to help the school and hospital connection for David. We are so appreciative of all the love that has been heaped on our Rock Star! 

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