Monday, March 12, 2012

Today has been awesome.  David made it all day at school!!!!  He has not had a full day of school since Nvember 15th, so this is a huge milestone. He is sound asleep right now in the crook of his Daddy's arm he is so worn out, but he made it all day and still had some energy left for some outside play this evening.  We are so proud of our courageous Rock Star!!!

 I know some amazing people who can make some amazing things.  A sweet middle schooler, Gracie Dimit made Hope this tutu?!!  Isn't that amazing!  I pray that Hope has the amazing heart that Gracie has when she is in middle school.  Hope wore it today while she dusted and she looked so cute in it! She would not cooperate with a picture:)
 One of my preschool parents sent this to me today through another friend.  I am guessing that she handmade it?!  It is beautiful and is already displayed proudly in our kitchen.  I love this verse and I love this plaque so much.  Thanks Vernon family!!! I love the idea of being under God's wings:)
 This is a terrible picture of a beautiful key chain made on photoshop by another talented friend.  Hope loves looking at herself in this!  Kelly texted me a few weeks ago and asked if I would email her the Valentine picture I took of the kids.  This is what she sent me in return!! I love it!!  Thanks Blevins family:)
 Our AAU season ended this weekend, and so tonight another season arrives-baseball!!!  I have to encourage myself to love baseball because it seems so slow paced after the intensity of basketball, but if it is something my boy loves then I too will love it!  Here he is modeling his new heart guard shirt and protector that he got for Christmas.  One of Mike's nephews had a scary incident where a ball hit him in the chest, so that made us all think seriously about this protective shirt.  Frankly, if we protect our son's private area with a cup, then I think we should protect their hearts as well!  I wanted him to wear it tonight to get used to it. 
 David is not interested in playing Tball but he did enjoy some batting practice in the yard with Matt!  I am so excited that after a full day of school he still had some energy left to enjoy the warmer weather. 
 I love this boy so much.  We are so proud of him.  After school today we had to go to the doctor's office to draw labs and it was so stressful for him.  It breaks my heart but those labs are vital to keep a check on his levels so we do not need to return to UVA until the 28th.  I would rather have 10 minutes of stress in the local doctor's office then a trip to UVA.  Poor pumpkin-he hates those blood draws so much. 
 Signs of spring!! 
 This picture makes me want to bawl happy tears.  Watching him recover from surgery back in November, it was hard to think of this boy being a typical boy running around in the yard again.  Despite his bald head, skinny frame, and paleness, he is outside running and playing like a "normal" child and I love it! I also think he has such a sweet profile!  I forgot to mention that yesterday during one of the AAU games, DAvid decided with the help of the iPad to put on a dancing show.  He first danced to "Sexy and I know it" and then he busted out with David Crowder and Chris Tomlin.  He had his hands up praising and singing during the game!  It was so precious to see.  I know I could take a lesson from David on how to be uninhibited in my praise and adoration to our Father.  I am sure God got a big kick out of seeing DAvid give him praise during the middle of this basketball game!
We have finally conquered Psalm 1:1-2, so we have moved on to Colossions 3:12.  This one is fitting for me and Kyle and I talked tonight on the way home from baseball about these different character attributes.  A kid at school really gets on Kyle's nerves and I tried to explain to him that this verse reminds us to show patience and compassion to all.  So we have decided that when we do not feel patient or kind, then we will repeat Colossions 3:12 to ourselves!  I know on these crazy mornings of trying to get three kids out of the house and on time this verse will come in handy!

Colossions 3:12

Therefore as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.

I know that when the opposing basketball player pushed my sweet Kyle down this weekend I was not feeling so kind, patient, compassionate, or anything else positive!  Ha!  Being a christian sports Momma is really hard, so this verse will hopefully remind me that God means that I need to model this for my children to everyone-even overly aggressive basketball players and blind referees! HA!

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