Friday, March 9, 2012

Casting Crowns - The Well (w/ Lyrics)

Last night was awesome.  It was simply awesome to be out (without kiddos) with an amazing group of ladies that I do not get too see that often.  We enjoyed salads and pizza at Mellow Mushroom and then headed to the concert. 

One of Casting Crowns newest songs is Come to the Well (pause the blog music and enjoy the video).  That song spoke volumes to us.  Several of the ladies in the group are going through some tough, life-altering situations.  Life is hard and sucks us dry but because of Jesus we have a well that is always there to fill us back up.  No one or nothing can fill us up like Jesus can.

I am so excited to see a spirit of revival amongst my friends.  Only God can take things like cancer, illness, and marital problems and make beauty from ashes.  No one wants to face tough circumstances, but only our God can take the hard things in life and use them to stir up a sense of revival.  I am so excited to see the Holy Spirit moving through some amazing friends and seeing friendships restored, Daddy's stepping up to be spiritual leaders, and our children seeing that God truly comes first. 

I thought it would be hard to get up at 6 this morning to get the kids ready for school, but even with only five hours of sleep I woke up refreshed and excited.  A night with the ladies praising the Lord was so rejuvenating to the soul.  I was so excited I hit itunes this morning and downloaded lots of great songs from last night and made CD's for all the ladies.

Thank you ladies for rocking out with me last night!  We laughed (Casting Crowns lead singer is hilarious), we cried a little (Praise you in the storm got me), and we just sang our hearts out to our God.  If you are feeling like your tank is a little empty, enjoy the above song and remember that Jesus is all we need to fill us up:)

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  1. So true. I am happy you are able to spend time with good friends. Friends truly are a blessing.