Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Good and Bad news

The good news is that David had great counts today and his weight was good at 51 pounds. Before arriving today we had forgotten that this regimen today had been given at a reduced rate because he had received radiation. Now that the radiation is over he received a much stronger dose. So now this dose today is meant to wipe his counts out which not only opens him up for a serious infection, but means we will have to resume the GCSF shots to help his white blood cells recover quicker. So because his counts will be bottoming out, that means we will be going back in hibernation and David will go back on home bound for school.

I had kind of talked myself into the fact that we are on the home stretch because our treatments now have a two week break built into them. What the oncologist gently reminded me today is that he has breaks built into the schedule because his body will need time to recover from the whammy of these treatments. We have some intensive months ahead of us as we ride the roller coaster ride of intensive treatments that bottom out counts then building them back up to decrease risk of infection before the next treatment.

I will not lie in that the news of what we are facing overwhelmed me and scared me today. Infection is such a real and scary threat. On a positive note I got to enjoy a three hour lunch yesterday with another local mom that has walked this journey and speaks my language. I was so encouraged by her and enjoyed our lunch so much. I know that God will walk us through his intense regimen we are facing, but today I am just weary after a long clinic day and scared. Please pray for this next phase of treatment please. Life had started feeling somewhat normal again, but because the roller coaster ride his counts are about to take we will be crawling back into our hibernation cave for David's health. Thanks for your prayers, love and encouragement.

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  1. Laura, I know that God is going to carry you and David through this more intense phase. I am praying for your strength daily - I can't imagine the load you are carrying right now. Just know that you do not carry it alone. Hang in there. You are a wonderful mother!