Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hospital Gala-A Night to Remember

Tonight was a such a wonderful night. Our new hospital is slated to open in three weeks, and tonight we were invited to participate in the gala to benefit the Health Foundation. It was wonderful to go to a hospital for a fun reason and socialize instead of chemo! 
  I was speechless when I entered our new community hospital.  It is gorgeous with earth colors, natural wood, and big open windows.  It is truly breath-taking and something this community can be so proud of.  You truly feel like you are in a luxury hotel instead of a hospital. 

We were invited to bring all three of our children and they were the only children at the gala.  Amazingly they were well-behaved and seemed to enjoy themselves. The food was wonderful and the company even better. 
A jazz band played some beautiful background music and these two cut a rug! 
My three cuties with Dawn Archer, a health foundation board member.
I could go on and on about so many features of this new facility, but the stained glass window in the chapel thanks to local artist Marilyn Peacock took my breath away. It is gorgeous and because of our recent nightmare I have an appreciation of chapels in a hospital. I have used the one at UVA often to read my bible, pray, or just take a few moments to gather myself.  This chapel is gorgeous! 
Our sweet Rock Star sitting in front of the beautiful window!  He and Hope loved the fancy party so much and Kyle had fun despite the fact that we made him wear a coat and tie! Ha!
This facility is so well-planned and the artwork and photography by regional artists is such a classy feature throughout the facility.  I love how the new nurses stations are located to make them closer to their patients. 

Here is Lindy White with some opening remarks.  She is such a wonderful leader for our local hospital even if she made me tear up with her sweet remarks about our family. 
This is the new cafeteria -- look at those big, beautiful windows!  The food was wonderful and my little ones loved the mashed potatoes, short ribs and brownies! 

This room is near and dear to our heart because this is the infusion room for chemotherapy.  David will not utilize this for his current treatment because we are under the care of pediatric oncologists, but this is where our friends and neighbors will receive their chemo right here in our area.  What a blessing not to have to travel for chemo!  Each patient has their own TV to make their treatment stay a little more comfortable.  The campaign to purchase the chemo mixer is still going strong.  Having this chemo mixer in Smyth County will decrease the length of time cancer patients have to wait and provide an even higher level of care for Smyth Countians.  If you are interested in donating to the worthy cause please consider doing so. 
I loved this artwork in the pediatric treatment room.  The pedatric area has a treatment room so the children will never have "owies" in their rooms and their rooms will be a safe haven.  What a wonderful feature!

The top picture is looking up in the dining area.  The colors coupled with the wood truly makes you feel like you are in a luxury hotel instead of a hospital.  Below is a picture of my boys at the end of the evening.  We had such a wonderful night at our NEW local hospital! 

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  1. The hospital is gorgeous! Tell Kyle he looks so handsome in a coat and tie!!!! So grown up looking too.