Friday, March 23, 2012

Dancers for Cancer

Tonight was a wonderful night at our local middle school. We were invited to come participate in a dance to raise money and awareness for cancer. So tonight we were "dancers for cancer" and Rock Star (aka D-Rob) had an awesome time with some amazing young people.  Notice he chose to wear a shirt and tie!
David posing with Mariah and Olivia!  These young ladies are so sweet and David danced with them tonight:)
For some odd reason these pictures uploaded as well, but here are sweet Macy and Hope getting mani/pedis at my kitchen table.  They got to pick our their own polish and I did their nails and toes!
The finished results!!
Sweet girls:)  We had such a fun girly day making cupcakes, doing our nails, and we even had lunch with another Mommy and daughter.  After years of sports, trucks, and trains, a girly afternoon is so much fun!

Back to the dance now....:) The middle school did a fundraiser for the health foundation to raise money and awareness for a chemo mixer.
Here is an amazing young lady that I believe was the most popular girl at the dance!  She can sing and dance:)
David's personal friends for the evening-Logan and Sam.  These two guys are so amazing with David and I just had such fun watching them all evening.
David sat at the DJ table with Logan and Jay and he played his two favorite songs about four times each! 
I love this picture of Mrs. Morris and David getting down to "Sexy and I know it!"
I was so impressed with this school tonight.  Because I do not have a child old enough to be there yet, I have not spent much time there like Mike has.  The kids that were there tonight were awesome and super behaved.  I am now excited about Kyle going there in two short years!  Gasp! I was impressed with how inclusive the kids were with David and each other and the staff gave them their space to have fun, but they were closely supervising the groups.  Wow-thanks MMS for such a fun night!

David got tired and thirsty so Logan carried him to get a drink!  David knows Logan from church and he was so sweet to get David some juice.  Thanks Sam and Logan for a fun night-David had a ball! I believe that a nice chunk of money was raised for the local health foundation and we had such fun being dancers for cancer tonight!

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  1. Middle school is a tough age! Those are some special preteens to take time to do that! Looked like fun. Rock on David!