Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Hero

David My Hero

Please do not take this post the wrong way.  I love all three of my kids equally.  I also appreciate their differences, talents, and personalities.  But this past week when I took Dave to get his blood drawn for the first time in a couple of months his illness smacked me in the face. 

As we put his shoes on that afternoon, David insisted to know where he was going.  I do my best not to lie to my kids and so that day I told him we were going to the doctor.  He immediately freaked out.  On the way there, he did not say much.  As we got out of the car to go in the doctors office he reached out and grabbed my hand as we walked in.  He knew what he was facing and was not happy about it. While a finger prick was not much in the grand scheme of his treatment, it was a big deal to David.  It took four adults to lovingly hold him and draw the blood.  You can tell that the folks who have to do this love him so much.  They even have special popsicles there for him now as a reward.

David has begun associating doctor visits, UVA hospital, and the trip to Charlottesville with some unpleasant experiences.  However, he also loves all the people that work with him.  As soon as the experience he is dreading and fighting is done, he eagerly accepts the person helping him as his friend.  Wow-what a great attribute.  He is such a forgiving and loving person and I sometimes use David as my model on forgiveness because he simply holds no grudges.

I am so proud of David's courage in light of all that he has been through over the last four months.  It is often difficult to explain to David that something is not going to hurt or will only hurt for a fraction of a second.  Instead he puts up a fight.  It crosses my mind the fear that he has even if it is for just a brief time.  For example, the CT Scan is completely painless but because David does not understand what is going on it is a fight each time.  The look of fear on this face is tough to see as a parent but the moment we are done the wonderful acceptance of everyone is such a blessing to see.

While in many ways we are just beginning our fight with David's cancer and he has many treatments and check-ups ahead of him, I am so proud of my son.  He has gone through much, he has lovingly embraced everyone who has helped him, he has fought this cancer with everything he can muster, and at the end of each day he loves those around him. Laura and I are so proud to call him ours  and we are so thankful to God who entrusted him to us. 

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