Friday, March 2, 2012

Clinic take 2

Here we are in clinic for another day. We stayed in Radford last night and hit the road before 7 this morning to return to UVA for a blood transfusion. We had such a sweet ride down. Dave slept some of the time and then he played DJ and played some great praise music on my IPhone. I love this brave little guy so much.

Then we arrived at the hospital. I got a wheelchair to push him through the parking garage and through the hospital. He was still playing David Crowder videos for me and he insisted to crank up the volume on my phone and sing loudly as we came through the hospital. I love that our boy was on his way to a long clinic day with the inevitable port access and he was still singing praises. I was such a proud Momma as I pushed that wheelchair!!

So here we are back in clinic. The port had to be accessed once again and then labs had to be drawn. Amazingly his hemoglobin was at 7.5 today? Crazy but we did elect to go ahead with the transfusion. He was given Benadryl to ward off any allergic reactions to anything in the donor blood. He is sound asleep now as the blood drips through his IV. We hope to be out of here mid-afternoon so I can get home to a much needed appointment for me-a date with my hair stylist Victoria!! This Momma is desperate for a date in her chair!

Thanks for all the encouragement and love. We are holding on here in clinic enjoying lots of David crowder videos on YouTube !!!

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  1. I love that song, Oh How He Loves US! I cling to that song and think of David a lot. You are such a great mom and Yes be proud of that BIG FINE YOUNG MAN you have David. Cherish those sweet songs! Children grow up so fast on us! Glad he is doing ok today. And pray you get home painlessly today and to your stylist for some ME TIME!!! :) You deserve it!!! :) PRAYING