Saturday, March 17, 2012

Four Months

Today is the four month anniversary of cancer entering our lives. Four months ago when I was watching this baby recover from a major surgery I never  ever thought in four short months we would be at the ballfield!!!
Here is David with Coach Trey.  Trey is really not David's coach, but David refuses to accept that fact.  Ha!  I cannot tell you how proud we were of our boy out there batting and fielding balls with all the other kids.  We know we still have so far to go in his treatment, but on days like today we can only whisper a "thank you Lord" and keeping cheering for our Rock Star.  I could weep with gratitude tonight when I think that this time four months ago I was surrounded by lots of friends at our local ER hearing some really scary words and getting ready for a three hour ambulance ride. 
In some ways it seems like it literally just happened yesterday, and then on the other hand it seems like his diagnosis and surgery were forever ago.  So much good and bad have happened that have changed us so.  
Today on this sunny day we are praising our Lord for his faithfulness and grace as we watch our boy take the field.  We pray that there are lots more ball seasons in Rock Star's life, and we will forever give God the glory. 
Tball wore this little guy out, so we enjoyed a shady picnic in the garage for our lunch.  We are going to have to be sooooo careful of sun exposure this summer on his sweet head.  We have always had to be viligant about his exposure, but this summer as bald and pale as he is we are going to have to step it up a notch.  He is also going to have to wear a ball cap anytime he is outside to protect his head and ears.  We have not battled stage four  Wilm's tumor to now deal with skin cancer:)
This Momma is so happy tonight.  I am so proud of how much stamina David exhibited at Tball today plus a little left over for some moon bouncing fun. 

Tonight we had to run out to get Kyle some men's sized cleats.  Sigh.  That is another topic for another day.  Wow-how time is flying!!  Anyway, we got a late start and on a whim my parents met us at Cracker Barrell for supper.  Because of Pop's bronchitis the kids have not seen him in a long time so it was such a sweet reunion for them all. 

I must end on a funny story about me.  Here are my little helpers washing the cars outside.  I enjoyed a walk with a friend today to the little league field.  I walked home and then came back in the car to get the little ones because Mike was going to stay and work with Kyle on the pitchers mound.  I parked really close to the field so sweet DAvid would not have to walk far.  Accidentally I got Mike's civic stuck in the mud.  I mean the car was sliding and not moving kind of stuck in the mud.  Sigh.  It took three guys to push me out of that mud puddle as my husband watched from the other field!  To be kind, the kids and I washed his car to get the caked-on mud off.  So now I can add four-wheeling to my resume because apparently I am pretty good!  Ha!  Happy weekend!

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