Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Housekeeping

This Momma is dragging today after our busy but wonderful weekend. Wow-we partied hard this weekend to raise awareness and funds for our local hospital at both the middle school "Be a Dancer for Cancer" dance and at the hospital gala! We made some wonderful memories this weekend but we are all so tired! I had to pull David out of bed at 7:50 this morning! Housekeeping is calling my name, so I work a while and read a while!
Besides our dancing this weekend we spent the day Saturday in Johnson City at Fun Expedition celebrating a wonderful Hornet basketball season with our basketball family.  David chose to stay home and hang out with AShley instead of going, so he was well rested for the gala Saturday night. 
These pictures are from my phone, so they are not clear, but Hope Madeline loved the bowling! 
Her Daddy is helping her with her technique, but she had such fun!

Mike hung out with Sydney and Hope and had some girly fun!  These girls loved those video games!
The boys loved the hurricane simulator:)
We had such fun over the weekend that Sunday night was an early bedtime around here.  I was cooking dinner for a dear friend who recently had surgery and Hope was ready for bed.  Kyle offered to lay with her and he got her to sleep!  Look at those sweet little hands tucked under her:)
This has been our family bible verse for the week.  Kyle has been dealing with some minor social issues at school so we thought this verse was appropriate.  I could too use a reminder to allow God to fight our injustices! 
This is a sneak peek picture from Saturday night.  I snapped this picture of a picture with my iphone! We all got ready for the gala in under 30 minutes and then we asked our dear neighbor and friend, Kay Clawson to come take some pictures while we were all dressed up.  She was the one who took the indiviudal pictures of my children on the right side of the blog.  Those were taken a year ago so it is obviously time to update them.  She took some amazing pictures and I am excited later tonight to update the pictures on the blog!  Kay is wonderful at taking pictures of children and families and my children are way more cooperative for her than me!  Kyle told Kay that she does not yell at them during photo shoots like I do!  HA! The truth of a child! 

Lastly, I have had some questions about where to send donations in for the chemo mixer.  If you are interested in making a donation to the chemo mixer you can simply mail a donation to:

Smyth County Community Hospital
c/o Health Trust Foundation
565 Radio Hill Rd.
Marion, Virginia 24354

Sadly this is a chemo week so I am trying to get my housekeeping and laundry in order to head to UVA tomorrow night.  My Mom will be coming to run the fort and my Dad will be traveling with me because Mike has a crazy work week with lots of evening meetings this week.  Poor Rock Star will get three different chemo drugs this week:(  The last time he received these three together he did  not have any nausea, so we are praying for the same results this week.  I am excited to see his weight because he personally ate a half a pan of brownies this weekend plus all the brownies at the gala this weekend should  make the scales go up this week!!

We have certainly enjoyed this chemo break, but the quicker we get these treatments the quicker we will be done.  I allow myself to dream for just a moment or two about his big remission party this summer. I want it so bad that I can taste it, but we still have lots of chemo to do first plus two week-long hospital stays in April and May to contend with. 

Off to finish my housekeeping.  I am so hopeful that Hope will take a nap today so Momma can snuggle up with her!!  All our dancing and partying has worn this Momma out!

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