Tuesday, March 13, 2012


We are certainly enjoying this taste of normalcy in our lives.  It is so awesome to be HOME  instead of our weekly visits to UVA.  I did receive a call today that the labs that we got yesterday were awesome!  His hemoglobin has gone down some, but now near low enough to need a transfusion, his creatinine was good which means his good kidney is functioning well, and his blood counts were good.  What a relief! We have to get labs done again Thursday:(
 I made the comment to AShley today that today has felt like a normal day. I took both boys to school, hit the gym, did some other household chores, and then picked the boys up!!  DAvid has done great going full days! Today Hope even got to start a swim lesson with some other sweet little girls!!
 Here is Miss Priss and her friend, Macy in their matching tutu bathing suits getting ready for lesssons.  They were so excited!  Macy was dribbling a ball around the house before we left and Hope trailed after her saying "we best not run or we will mess up our ponytails!"  I had to call Mike over that one!  Ha! 
 Sweet little friends.  They were so excited!!  They loved the lessons and Macy was a brave girl!  Hope was a little shy.

 David decided last minute that he too wanted to go, and look at that freestyle!!!  Walking into the pool I heard a little girl ask her Mom why David had lines on his belly?  I guess I am so accustomed to his scar and radiation markings that I do not even see them anymore.  I could not worry about that because I was too shocked at how thin he was. 
 I love this sweet brave boy so much!
 Notice our daughter is the one that is sitting on the top step-that is okay because we know she is a little shy.  We are thrilled not only with the swimming instruction but that she has to get to know and feel comfortable with Ms. Anne the teacher!
 That warm water in the therapy pool made this brave boy super sleepy!  WE thought he would fall asleep in the water!
Kicking with Ms. Anne and check out David on the noodle!! I cannot explain how therapeutic this week has been.  Cancer is still fore front of our minds, but we have been allowed to catch glimpses of our "before cancer" life.  Cancer has robbed us of a lot, but it has also taught us so many amazing lessons that I will try to share another day:)  It has been a wonderful day!

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