Friday, March 30, 2012

Rock star news

Rock star has definitely perked up tonight. He has eaten a teeny bit and had a few sips of Gatorade. We are still hopeful for discharge tomorrow. We are still planning out our schedule, but we are leaning towards me and the kids staying here at camp Pendleton for most of the week and Mike traveling back and forth to attend some important meetings back home. We will take it day by day.

The chemo is expected to wipe out David's counts and he is expected to be neutrapenic mid-week which means his counts will be so wiped out that he is open to a serious infection. We would like to stay close to UVA in case he needs to be seen. Blessedly it is spring break and our schedule is free! Kyle is excited to maybe catch a UVA baseball game and I noticed that the golf clubs are in the car :) if we have to be here we will try to have some family germ-free fun!

This momma is excited for family time. Before cancer I would have been disappointed about all the plans that we are not going to get to complete this break. Previously I would have pouted about no Down Syndrome party, no church Easter egg hunt, etc... But the nightmare has made me just appreciate family time even if it takes place at a hospital or in this sweet condo :) Good night!

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  1. Laura, Ralph and often talk about life BC and AC. The After Cancer is with a sweetened awareness of life's fragility and the treasured moments that we have together. Little is taken for granted and I find myself losing my patience with whiners. We continue to pray for you daily. May God continue to heap his blessings on you and yours. Carole Sue