Wednesday, March 14, 2012


The good news is that David went to school today.  I believe this week has caught up to him because his amazing teachers called at 1:45 and said he had snuggled on a lap and was done. So Miss Hope and I left a playdate and scurried to get him.  He seems unusually worn out tonight so we are going to homeschool him tomorrow.  His teachers have sent us plenty of work to do and we are going to learn at home tomorrow.  I think daylight savings is brutal on kids' schedules, coupled with all this gorgeous sunshine and outdoor play has worn this precious Rock Star out. 

While David did go to school Hope and I ran a few errands and made it to storytime at the library.  Lots of our friends were there today and here is Hope with cute Addyson. 
We read books about pets and then they could make a dog or cat mask! Hope made hers for David:)

All these cute girls go to church together and they are so cute!! I am so thankful that Hope will have some great Jesus girls to grow up with at church.  After the library we headed to our friends' house for pizza on the porch.  It was such a beautiful day and it was so fun to catch up with a friend while our kids played outside.  I had to cut the visit short when David's teacher called, but that is okay! 
Here are Hope and David slow dancing to Beauty and the Beast.  Slow dancing to the theme song of Beauty and the Beast is very popular in our kitchen right now.  They turn the song on on the iPad, Hope runs and gets one of her tutus and then they slow dance.  It is so precious! 
This week has been so awesome, but for some reason, doubt and despair have crept in.  It almost seems that when treatment is going well is when I start worrying.  I know it is irrational, but cancer is so sneaky like that.  It tries to rob you of your peace.  I was feeling overwhelmed today and went for a 30 minute walk outside on the golf course.  This song came on my Iphone and it just ministered to my soul.  Cancer  has taught me that I am not merely a Jesus freak but He is everything.  If you go through this life and never realize that not only does He desperately want a relationship with each of us, and that we are only here for His glory then you have missed it.  He truly is everything.  Matthew West was traveling with Casting Crowns and we were fortunate enough to hear this song live just last week!! Enjoy this accoustic version of a great song and the story behind it. 
This blog post is really acting weird and somehow put this picture of cutie girl at the end? I love a little girl with pigtails studying her letters on the iPad!

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