Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rock Star Update

Mike and I are hanging out here with our Rock Star.  As of now, we do not know what caused David to spike a fever last night.  The intense chemo yesterday certainly made him sick and he has thrown up a few times, but chemo should not have caused his fever.  We are glad we are here and they are running several tests to rule out infection and the flu.  The good news is that he seems to feel good and he does not have a fever now.  He is not the least bit interested in food due to nausea and is on IV fluids.  We are on isolation until all the testing comes back which means no Hayley today for David :(

I have such mixed emotions about being here.  Last night when we were watching his fever rise we could not get here fast enough, but it is always hard to leave our other children behind.  Mike is thinking about heading home tonight and returning tomorrow with Kyle and Hope so we can all be together here in Charlottesville.  Kyle's spring break starts tomorrow!!

Thank you so much for all the calls, emails, and texts. Thanks to the dear souls who talked to me on my way here this morning to make a long drive go by faster!! My radio and CD player are out on my car for some reason, so it was a quiet drive today until I remembered I had music on my phone!  Yesterday when we got to Radford to drop off Pops, my SUV was dead in their driveway.  Pops had to jump it to get it to go and blessedly it started beautifully this morning and I was able to drive down here today to be with Mike and David. 

Mike is hanging tough considering how little sleep he and David got last night:) Good afternoon from 7 West:)

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