Thursday, March 29, 2012

Evening report

Good evening from UVA! The good news is that David's flu swab came back negative! He has had some diarrhea today which makes you wonder if he has had a little tummy bug or if it came from the chemo. Thankfully he has not spiked another fever, but he has definitely been calm and quiet today. The nurses are all used to David literally running the halls, so they know he feels tired and yucky because he has not left the bed except to attend school for about an hour this morning. We are still waiting for blood cultures to return to awake sure he does not have an infection. We cannot be discharged until those cultures come back and he drinks some more. He is on fluids, but he has had less than six ounces of Gatorade all day. Mike is home tonight and he will return tomorrow with Kyle and Hope in tow. We plan to spend a few days here in Charlottesville until we know that Dave is okay. We are getting too old for these miiddle of the night fever scares :) Thanks for all the love and prayers!

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