Wednesday, March 21, 2012


We have been blessed with some beautiful summer-like weather this week! Wow-I even got a little sunburn outside yesterday with Hope! I love spring and I have really appreciated it even more this year:)
Sunday morning was a big day in our house because it was the first time that David had been out to church since Christmas Eve! He was so excited and of course he wanted to wear a shirt and tie!:)
Check out these cutie shoes that my Mom got Hope at Cracker Barrell!  They are a little big, but princess did not seem to mind at all!
Sunday after church I had two little baker helpers to help me get some "springy" food ready for playgroup on Monday morning.  It was my turn to host and Hope Madeline has enjoyed going with friends while I was in Charlottesville so I was excited to participate together!
David and Hope love to drag their chairs to the counter and help cook fun stuff.  This little girl was so happy to have friends coming over, but of course it took her about 30 minutes to warm up to the crowd. 
Here is our "springy" food spread with peeps dipped in chocolate with sprinkles on them, mandarin oranges, cupcakes with icing inside instead of on the outside (way neater!), and birds "nests" with eggs inside, and cheez-its!

The weather was hot and sunny, so we hosted playgroup outside in our backyard and let the kids play on the playground and on the moon bounce.  I am sure these children (except my own) enjoyed awesome naps after all the fun!
Sweet Sydney Pugh and Hope enjoying their snacks on the blanket. 
Hope loves to cook and here she is dipping peeps in melted chocolate bark and then dipping them in sprinkles to finish them off:)

I hope you enjoyed guest bloggers perspective over the last few posts.  This truly is a family blog and I am glad that he shares his Daddy perspective on faith, children, family, and cancer every once in a while.  We are watching David very closely today because he has developed a cough and a mild fever.  We are hoping this "gunk" does not develop into anything more serious and that some rest, fluids, and Mommy loving today will make him feel better.  Nothing makes this house stop like the sound of a sneeze or cough in our new normal of living through active chemo treatment.  Please pray for our David that this is truly a little cold and nothing  more serious! 

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