Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Tonight Mike and I are sitting with our Rock Star. He is exhausted after his early morning and his long day. He has felt good today and overall had a good day:) Tomorrow is his first day of radiation and we are feeling good about the fact that it is a low dose. We did just get the news that the oncologist is worried that he is not drinking enough and that his urine is showing that there is a little stress on his good kidney so we will be here through the weekend. I am disappointed but not shocked:(

So Mike will head to Marion this weekend to participate in the Thomas Musser Mr. Strong walk with Team David and to coach Kyle's basketball tournament. GG, Pops, and Hope will be coming here with me and Rock Star. I wish we were all coming home, but we just want our Rock Star to feel better and be safe.

Tonight Mike was watching ESPN and the Jimmy V speech from 1993 came on to launch the Jimmy V week on ESPN. Mike and I were both spell bound and emotional watching that emotional speech. Mike has seen it several times and actually remembers watching it live in 1993. This was really the first time Ihave watched it and tears streamed down my face. I love his motto of "Don't give up...Don't ever give up" and that means so much to us tonight as we are facing radiation tomorrow.

We are determined to fight this Goliath with everything we have. With our prayer warriors and our Jesus we will never give up and always have hope. Thanks in advance for the love and prayers going into radiation tomorrow. I will update the blog after it is over:) Good night from Party Central.


  1. Sweet dreams to all and lots of prayers going up.

  2. Hello, my name is Debbie Smith and I use to work w/ Donna Akers, I am a substitute spec ed aid for the school here in the county. Please let me say that you guys (especially David) has my heart! Also what strong parents you are! and you are right your strength comes from no where but God! We are praying for you guys here and at our church at Auburn Baptist in Riner VA. Also my husband and myself will be coming to UVA on Tuesday and if by chance you all are still there and I can bring you anything or do anything for you while we are there PLEASE do not hesitate to ask! is my email if you need to reach me or you can find me on FB~May God continue to bless you all!

  3. Kelly's cousin Karin in CADecember 1, 2011 at 2:23 AM

    In "Jesus Calling" the other day it said "....we live in a fallen world where blessings and sorrows intermingle freely." You are an amazing woman of God Laura, that you choose to be thankful in the midst of your sorrow. Your testimony impacts so many because of your honesty and willingness to share your journey. Thank you for that...And you just know that Satan absolutely HATES it when you are able to trust God and give Him praise! Am praying for the Lord who knit David together with such intricate precision will use the radiation to eradicate the cancer and minimalize the discomfort and pain. Lord please give the Drs. Wisdom and discernment that can only be coming from the Great Physician, guide their hands and minds, bless this precious child of yours with a peace that is beyond our understanding. Praying that everyone is able to sleep well for the day ahead.
    His, Kelly's cousin Karin in CA

  4. Continued prayers and much support from Marion. May God keep his arms around you. You two are such strong parents and such an example for us all. Keep on keeping on. WE are cheering for David to defeat Goliath. Love and hugs your way.