Sunday, May 20, 2012


This weekend has been simply amazing.  We have not thought too much about UVA and those scan results and we have just enjoyed our time together at home.  These pictures are totally out of order, but here is David eating some yummy food:)  When we came home from the lake tonight, the McKinney family had brought us dinner.  We were hungry and tired, so it was such a blessing to have such good home cooking waiting for us.  Thank you McKinney family for such a treat!!
Have we mentioned how rotten David is?  He loves to have a picnic on our bed to eat and we typically indulge him.  He loved the McKinney's macaroni and cheese!!!

Saturday, I went to the Heart of Women's Conference and spoke at one of the break out sessions.  I met some amazing women that love our Jesus, and I enjoyed my time there.  At the conference there were a few tables set up and there was one about abortion.  Of course I lingered there and on display they had a model of a twelve week fetus.  Lots of abortions are perfomed this early in a pregnancy and as you can see there is a perfect baby made by God. 
Today was a wonderful day at the lake.  This was our first trip of the season and the kids were so excited.  I got a lump in my throat packing our stuff for the day because since our last trip up there last summer we have been through so much as a family.  Last time we were there David had a full head of hair and cancer was never a thought in our minds.  Above is a picture of Kyle and our neighbor Lexi Kiser tubing in the frigid water!
Kyle was so excited to brave the water and swim and tube. 

The lake is a perfect place for David because he LOVES the boat and there is lots of shade due to the dock. 
This girl had a ball fishing with her new Tinker Bell fishing pole that her Pops got her!! 
David was in pure heaven driving the boat with his Pops.  It made us all so happy to see David full of energy having fun.
David caught a "big" fish and Pops and Kyle cheered for him to bring it in!!

How precious is this sweet face! Ashley went with us today and we just asked Pops and David to drive us around in the boat.  There is something about the water that makes all the stress go away for me. I grew up going to that lake and it soothed my soul so much to be up there soaking up some Vitamin D and enjoying watching our Rock Star have some shade but outside fun!  Days and weeks in the hospital make you appreciate days like today so much where the sun is on your face and the wind is blowing your hair.  I felt so relaxed and thankful today for such a wonderful day on the lake!

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