Monday, May 28, 2012

Hometown Weekend

Memorial Weekend has been exactly what it should be-full of fun and sun, relaxation, friends, and family time.  We decided that our lives are going to be pretty busy the next few weeks with an upcoming inpatient chemo starting on June 4th, that we were going to lay low and catch up.  We have not traveled beyond the two miles to the grocery store, church, or the pool.

Holston Hills Community Golf Course has been hopping this weekend and our three boys enjoyed an afternoon of golf over the weekend.  Here are all three coming up on "our hole" to play. 
While the boys were golfing Hope and I were going to relax and watch a movie.  Then she got the great idea to "do school" and we read, we wrote, and we did numbers. 
She is obsessed with Max and Ruby and she insisted to write it herself!  Can you make out the words Max and then Ruby on the other side? 
She is also adamant that every thing must have her name on it, so she wrote it everywhere!

Sunday morniing we loaded up for church.  It was so refreshing to the soul to sing some of our favorite songs at church such as "O Happy Day" and "Forever Reign" by One Sonic Society.  Those two songs are our favorites right now. 

The boys playing some baseball in their church clothes:)

Saturday night we got together with some great folks.  The highlight of the evening was barber shop!  Doug was amazingly brave enough to allow David and Kelsey to shave his head!!!  Wow!

These pictures are out of order, but our town puts on a great Memorial Day Parade every year.  We dress in our patriotic clothes and head downtown to watch the parade.  David loved it so much!  Amazingly we ran into the cute Armbrister boys(and their parents Michael and Tracey of course) to enjoy the parade!  They made room for us and it was fun to watch their reactions to what was coming.  David was thrilled that Ashley's Dad Bradley was in the parade! He blew him a kiss!

These pictures are terribly out of order, but here is a sweet shot of my two oldest golfers playing "our hole."  Hope and I waited for them and then we gave them some treats to eat!
David really enjoyed the parade and was so excited when the fire truck with the twirly things on front came by. 

Hope Madeline did not care for the volume of the parade and sat safely in her Daddy's arms with her hands over her ears:)  We have enjoyed having Mike home with us this entire weekend!  The last two weeks of school are crazy for him with lots and lots of meetings and graduations.  After two hectic and stressful weeks for him, it has been good to see him relax and enjoy the kids this weekend. 

This week is going to be busy as we try to cram as much fun as possible into our week.  Kyle is super excited about the Future Hurricane Basketball Camp this weekend.  Coach Bailey always runs a great camp and Kyle has participated the last three years in this great local camp.  My neighbor and I decided it would be great to have a yard sale next weekend.  We have worked so hard on cleaning out and getting ready for that sale next weekend.  We desperately need to clean out this house!  We are preparing for Hope's little birthday party next weekend while David's counts are high and he can enjoy it.  His nader (the lowest point of his counts post chemo will be around her June 15th birthday, so we are having it early so he can participate)  We actually will probably head back to UVA near her birthday as he counts drop so we will be close in case he gets another bacterial infection.  This is the big dose that has made him septic twice before.  Blessedly this is his LAST inpatient chemo, and we are just anxious to get it done. 

Hope your weekend was wonderful:)

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