Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Much Better

Blessedly Dave is feeling much much better today!! The diarrhea has almost stopped and he has kept down some rice and oatmeal. When we visited clinic today his oncologist and staff were thrilled with how well he is doing today. Nurse Pat told me that she fully expected that David had had to come in last night and checked for him upstairs in the peds wing of the hospital this morning when she came in.

We visited clinic, got sow lunch, and stopped off at the playground on the way home. He is now wiped out and watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates. He is drinking awesome today and I am so thankful that he is a happy and healthier boy today.

Kyle has had games at home the last two nights and obviously I missed them in person. But because of some awesome friends and technology I got to see everyone of Kyle's at bats last night. He hit an in the park grand slam last night and my friend Sarah emailed me the clip. David has watched it probably 100 times and showed all the staff at clinic today. It is so cute how proud David is of Kyle:)

The cultures taken yesterday were all negative so the thought is that the chemo not a virus made him sick yesterday. Considering we have three more treatments total, it makes me nervous. For some reason fear has tried to work into my brain this week but I am just praising God for all the amazing hurdles we have overcome. This process has been so grueling, but David has thankfully survived the chemo thus far and he has overcome a major surgery, 22 radiations sessions, 24 chemo sessions, two bacterial infections, and nausea. The lord has so faithfully walked us through all these major hurdles and I know he is walking with us to the finish line of this chemo which should be mid-July. We give Him all the praise and He will be the first high five we give when we reach the finish line. Good day from Camp Pendleton!

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