Monday, May 7, 2012

David is doing well on this Monday morning. The plan was for me and David to stay here in Cville at least through Wednesday but yesterday Hope decided that she too wanted to stay with David. These two really are best friends. She loves helping me give his Cefepime and Vancomycin medicine via his port. It is so precious how she says in her sweet mommy voice "Dave we are just going to "fwush" your "wine" it is very cute to see her mommy instinct strong at two years old!

Mike is sort of nearby in Roanoke for a conference for work. The last few weeks have been crazy with budget stuff for him so we are praying that his work calms down a little very soon. Kyle is home with Ashley. He has a big Virginia studies SOL test this morning and he is on my heart. He is showing such maturity and grace these days and we are so proud of how he is rolling with the punches of life right now.

David's port is still cooperating!! I get nervous every time I try to flush it before giving him his medicine, but blessedly it is still working properly. It has been overcast here the last few days and I could really use some sunshine. I do not like it when we are all separated and spread out. I have really learned from this nightmare that I am a control freak and I need to turn more over to God. I am also working hard on my break out session for the Heart of Womens conference coming up soon on May 18-20 in Bristol. Local ladies this conference is going to be such an uplifting weekend mark your calendars!! I feel like God has laid a scripture on my heart for my session and how it relates to us coping through the nightmare. I am still nervous about speaking, but if good can come from our nightmare then God will give me the courage to speak about him.

We are hoping it does not rain today so we can get outside some. We have to avoid big crowds, but outdoor adventures like playgrounds are okay. I noticed yesterday that David's stamina is pretty low right now after this infection. Poor buddy he has been such a trooper.

That is the Monday update from Camp Pendleton!!

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  1. You guys are heavy on my heart each day. Even though I don't personal know you. I feel like I do from reading your blog. I just hate that anyone has to suffer from cancer because it can knock you off your feet and in tears in a minute. So thankful that you are a super mom for David. I think all moms can be control freaks, I am too. We pray for David daily.