Monday, May 14, 2012

Expect the Unexpected

We are learning to roll with the punches during this chemo journey. Today we are in clinic and we really expected a day trip to receive three different chemo doses. Now that we are here David's labs just came back and his neutraphils are high enough for chemo, but his hemoglobin is too low. So, we are being admitted to the hospital overnight to receive a blood transfusion before chemo can be given. Sigh.

This is certainly not the news I wanted to hear, but we are good. Today in clinic there are only active chemo treatment patients. I am in awe of the beautiful, bald-headed, pint-sized warriors that are here today. It is truly inspiring to see spunky kids still smiling and playing their iPods while they are fighting a huge battle. We have been here long enough now that we have met some of the other families. These families are so amazing and everyone has a story of life before cancer and after. There is also a friendly atmosphere here where the staff treats you like family. David is a loved little dude here.

We are so hoping our room is near Haley and we are waiting for the blood to arrive from the bank. This process has also convicted me that I must be a more regular blood donor. This is the third or fourth transfusion that David has needed. I cannot imagine David needing blood and there be none in the bank. Giving blood is a wonderful gift to your community neighbors.

David and I are getting our praise on with David crowder as he wait for his blood. We are so thankful that the words from this song are true and that Jesus truly loves us. Good day from UVA!

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