Sunday, May 13, 2012


Happy Mother's Day!  This year Mother's Day I am just so thankful to be in my own home with my babes even if this is not the day we had planned.  Sweet Hope Madeline did not feel well yesterday at all.  Last night after dinner she started complaining that it hurt when she needed to potty.  So I loaded her up to visit our local ER and a few hours later all was well with a diagnosis of a bladder infection and pink medicine! She is so thrilled that her medicine is her favorite color and I was so proud of her last night in the ER.  She was such a sweet patient:)

Yesterday was a fun family day spent cheering on Kyle during his baseball game and then a family picnic at Hungry Mother with my parents and grandmother.  Here is a picture of my grandmother and my Momma.  They are both strong women who have taught me that family is so important. 

GG and Pops with the boys!  Hope was not up to a photo session at the time to join in the picture. 
Mike and his sweet girl playing on the playground.  That girl loves a good playground and woke up to play a little:)
My kids can be thoroughly entertained with a handful of rocks to throw into any body of water:)
Sweet best friends:)

This year I am so thankful to be a Mommy.  Motherhood has not been an easy path over the last year, as I have done more nursing duties then I ever dreamed I would.  I have learned to trust my mothering instincts and that to be a strong Momma I must rely on my Jesus to give me the patience and the stamina to train up these blessings in my life. 

I am thankful that I have lots of women in my life that have taught me so much.  I am blessed that both my grandmothers and Mom are still active in my life.  I am blessed to have a Mother-in-law a phone call away for questions about a recipe or good food. 

The last year has taught me that I need a strong relationship with Jesus to be the mother that He wants me to be. It is so easy to take the lazy way out of parenting so often.  My patience wears thin and I get so distracted by my to do lists and the demands of running a home.  I pray that my children will remember that I taught them that Jesus loves them even more than I do and that I took the time to enjoy their childhoods. Happy Mother's Day!

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