Saturday, May 12, 2012

Relay For Life

We really wanted to go last night to the Relay for Life event here in town.  I really did not think I could emotionally do it.  Mike and the kids encouraged me to go so off we went!  I am soooo glad we went.  When you walk around the track you feel the love where lots of our community friends have set up tents to honor people that have lost their battle to cancer or who are fighting the good fight. 

You can imagine I teared up when I saw that several people had purchased a luminary for our baby.  Never would I have imagined that I would see one of my children's names on a bag.  Kyle pointed every bag out with David's name on them and it made us smile to think that people we do not even know thought of David and purchased a bag for him. 
Here we are in the survivors tent getting David a t-shirt and a goody bag.  He was so tired and made Mike carry him all night, but he did have bursts of energy and had such a good time. 
We ran into Ashley's boyfriend, Matt and David was so happy to see him!! In the picture below, you are never too big for a good slide down an inflatable!!  They had slides and bounce houses for the kids to enjoy.  Hope Madeline loves a good bounce!
David was full of himself and had fun dancing to the music and seeing lots of friends. 
We took Kelsey with us and she is such a joy to have around!  She is Hope's little Mommy and David's BFF.  She and David have a sweet little bond:)

It was such a wonderful night of hope.  It often feels like cancer is everywhere now but we know that some of that is because we are so aware of each case that we learn about.  We are so proud to live in a community that supports such a big fundraiser for the American Cancer  Society.  We have felt the love from this county over the last six months and we are so proud to call this place home.  We got so many hugs and love last night from neighbors and friends and it was such good medicine for our souls. 


  1. You are so brave. I would have already crashed into some hole and hidden from everyone. We lost a dear loved one to cancer and its still not the same life I use to live, but thankful he is now resting in heaven. Sure at times you just want to stay home and do nothing. Having a suitcase at all times is not fun and it suck the life out of you when cancer rules your life. You sure have alot of strength. Keep your faith. Praying for you & David

  2. Laura, It was so good to see you guys on Fri. night at the Relay event. Zac was so excited to see David, and he could not stop talking about him the rest of the night. Following the lighting ceremony, Zac began to cry uncontrollably. His dad got him on his lap and asked why he was so upset. He said he was thinking about David. It was a sweet moment. Love and prayers, The Halls

  3. What a sweet sweet boy he is!! It was good to see you all too!! We need to get the boys together to play this summer

  4. Sounds like a plan - We would love it!