Thursday, May 31, 2012


Today I was super busy running our yard sale.  Whew-I had forgotten how much work a yard sale was, but it was such fun to visit with all of our neighbors and I am so excited that our kids' clothes went home to such wonderful new homes!! While working the yard sale today I received a phone call that made me cry happy tears.

Our friends, Lynn and DeeDee had the brillant idea to contact Mr. Harmon at our local Park Place Drive-In about his new inflatables.  Tomorrow (Friday) is the opening day for the new inflatables at the Drive-In.  Not only can you catch a real drive-in movie, eat ice cream, and play putt-putt but now you can jump away on these amazing inflatables. These ladies had the idea and pitched it to Mr. Harmon the owner, about our family being allowed to come one night early and preview the inflatables!! 

We were able to get a tour of the new inflatables and our three kids got to enjoy an hour of play without crowds or germs!!!  Because of germs and his port, David would have never been able to enjoy these inflatables, but because of their thoughtfulness and Mr. Harmon's generosity we had an awesome opportunity to try them out!!!  What an amazing blessing!
They have a birthday party shelter where you can have a private party! Check out this cute special inflatable chair for the birthday boy/girl!!!
This grin says it all!!  David said "this place is awesome!"

Hope and David really loved the farm-themed inflatable!  Hope kept saying "hey Dave lets go to the piggy one!"
Jumping on the farm inflatable.  These inflatables are new and amazing!  
Tall Kyle really enjoyed the obstacle course one and this tall slide! Kyle is a tall boy and he looks little on this big thing!
Here is a picture of three out of the four inflatables.  They really are massive, clean, and awesome!  The farm one is a little smaller and it is to the left of these.  We are so thankful for Lynn and Dee Dee thinking of this and for Park Place allowing us to come one night early to enjoy a germ-free, crowd-free evening!!
This sweet girl LOVED it!!  She loves a good bounce and she had such fun with her brothers.
I love this picture!  Here is David going down that tall slide!!  At first he was scared, but Kyle helped him up and then he had such fun sliding!!!  He even got brave enough and climbed to the top himself!!  Yay David!! If you plan to check out these new inflatables, just remember that socks are a must!  Amazingly I scrounged up three pair in my car!!
Between the heart of the amazing people that live here plus all the natural beauty around us, we feel so blessed to call Smyth County our home.  Between visiting with so many today at the yard sale, enjoying this special evening on the new inflatables, and the love from this community, I have shed some happy tears today.  Despite the nightmare that we are in called cancer and chemo, we feel that God is using this community and your love to remind us that He is working all things for good. 

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