Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pictures from the day

So today was crazy.  When you have a child that is receiving chemo, you are schooled thoroughly about infections.  Today I saw first hand why that subject is drilled into our heads because Rock Star got septic quickly.  One minute we were watching movies at the condo, the next he was chilling and shaking on the way to clinic.  On the ten minute drive to the hospital he slumped forward and starting shaking.
The nurses and doctors were ready for us and they got working on him quickly.  Once the antbiotic was pushed into his line where his infection was the bacteria was spread to his whole body.

His heart rate shot up to 220 and oxygen plummetted which meant that he was septic.  We still do  not know which type of infection he has but it takes a day or two for the culture to "grow"

Nurse Shannon and Gwen were with us all day in the clinic.  Notice that David is wearing his new UVA baseball shirt and is cuddled with his VT blanket.  Even die hard Hokies can root for Wahoos when they are getting such great care from this place.  He wanted to wear this shirt to clinic to show it off to Ms. Meghan and the other nurses.
He was pumped so full of fluid that his cheeks swelled up and got puffy.  We were joking that all the fluid made him look like his pre-cancer weight of 56:)

Mike got here in record time.  My heart breaks that Mike had to drive here so quickly under such stressful circumstances.  It is a long drive here, it is even a longer drive when you are worried and want to snuggle your boy.  It was stressful here with David when he was going septic, but I was surrounded by two awesome doctors and nurses that were keeping me calm.  Mike was driving a long road solo with nothing but time to worry and think.
After three different antibiotics he felt like sitting up and playing iPad....
calling Jeff and Pops on the phone....

and getting a visit from the hospital clown.  All our prayers for him to stabilize were answered.  Thank you dear friends and prayer warriors for helping us through a tough afternoon.  Fighting cancer is hard and infections are definitely the enemy.  We are beyond thankful for you, the amazing and quick care we received today, and our Jesus who comforted us with His peace. 


  1. Priceless pics of David and his dad! So very sweet! Praying for comfort for you all! God's got this! I know he does! Stay strong!


  2. Your family continues to amaze me. You all continue to stay strong and keep your faith. Prayers go out for each of you, especially that sweet David. Love all your pictures.