Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Day New Room

Good morning from 7 Central!!   Mike and David were moved from the PICU to a wonderful room in 7 Central around 4 this morning.  It is a beautiful thing to be the first that is booted from the PICU when a child needs the bed because your stats look good.  Praise the Lord that his stats are stable and his counts are slowly starting to rise.  He is feeling good and the doctors are happy with his progress. 

Kyle had a wonderful evening with Ashley. She made him homemade chicken and dumplings and then they went out and played nine holes of golf.  He is on my mind this morning as he takes his reading SOL. He has shown so much maturity and grace to roll with the punches during all this with David.  He is taking his SOL as I am writing this and my heart is with him.  He and Ashley are coming down after his SOL is over.

Hope is with GG and Pops in Radford. She and GG went to Roanoke yesterday for Pop's hand surgery.  He had a surgery on his hand to remove a weird infection that had set in.  GG said that Hope was an angel yesterday at the hospital with Pops and that she is doing well.  They plan to come down tomorrow to visit after Pop's has a day of rest.

I am overwhelmed when I still think of the peace that came over me yesterday when David went septic.  If you know me well you know that calm does not often describe me.  Yesterday because of Jesus I was totally at peace.  It happened so fast and we were by ourselves here and God just showered me with peace and comfort.  This is the hardest thing we have ever been through yet our God is with us in a way we have never experienced. 

So much happened yesterday during the craziness.  I spent a lot of time with two of our amazing doctors.  One of them shared an incredible story with me that I just have to share.  I asked her yesterday how she does this job day in and day out with kids in crisis and children ultimately not surviving.  She is a christian too, so she shared that her faith keeps her going as well as seeing all the success that they do have with children with cancer.  She shared yesterday that this job has strengthened her faith because she has been bedside with children that are dying.  In one instance a preteen boy was in his final stages of cancer.  He had been in a coma for several days and about an hour before he passed he woke up and told his mother that he saw children playing and then he asked her if it was okay to go play with them. 

I am so grateful for all the love that we are receiving.  My kids are in good hands and Mike and I are here with Rock Star showering him with our love and attention.  He had some chocolate ice cream for breakfast and he is in good spirits.  We will be here at least 2 more day but possibly a more waiting on the bacteria to "grow" and it is also time for his abdomen and chest scans per his chemo protocol.  He will be sedated for that so he will be an inpatient for the CT Scan.  We have an awesome room near Haley and we have an awesome nurse today.  We are in wonderful hands here and thank you for your love and prayers.  David is on reverse isolation which means that he can have no visitors except for family.  His counts are so rock bottom that he is open to all germs.  Thank you for the love and we will update later.

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  1. What a bittersweet story from your doctor....GOD's powerful peace is amazing. You are a terrific soldier for the Lord and we all pray for you, David, and your other angels. Prayers also for Kyle and the dreaded SOL test!! He will do amazing!!