Friday, May 25, 2012

Month Worth of Fun

David's counts have rebounded so beautifully after the last chemo that we have been instructed to live it up before his next inpatient stay on June 4th.  Blessedly the great labs corresponded with the last week of school.  We are so thankful that God orchestrated that!  Yesterday was the last day of school and we packed a month worth of fun into one little day.  These pictures are totally out of order but here goes!
David got to go to school for several hours on the last day in his shirt and tie!  His amazing teachers, Mrs. Hubble and Ms. Alley were so sad that David missed spring pictures, that they took his spot with Rocky Duke!  They presented "his" spring pictures to him yesterday on the last day of school!  We will treasure this forever!
The first grade put on an amazing last day party!  The theme was Rock Star fifties!  Everything was Rock Star themed and here is David leading the conga line in the dancing room!!  This is such a special group of kids.
Ms Alley and David hamming it up in the hallway! 
The day before one of the first grade teachers took a picture of every child and then yesterday they got to make a frame for a keepsake.  I love it so much and Hope and I had fun making David's frame!!  It is already on our refrigerator and it makes me smile:)
Some of the great kids from his class!  We were a little late yesterday, so when David walked in the entire class started chanting "David David" until he would come in!! This group of children is so loving and have encouraged and loved on David all year. 
Sweet Hope had such fun too at the first grade party! 
My pictures are out of order, but the reason we were late to David's party is because we went to Chilhowie High School and Middle School yesterday so they could present him with this ENORMOUS tote full of pop tabs.  Here are Mike and David with two high schol students and two middle school students that were involved in this project.  This picture does not do justice to HOW full this huge tote is with pop tabs.  It was such a pleasure to meet these amazing students and faculty!  Thank you CHS and CMS!!  We have an appointment to deliver all these pop tabs on June 4th to the Charlottesville RMH.  The director of the house is meeting with us to see in person all these tabs we keep telling them about.  They are very excited and they are so amazed that our entire school system and community have been involved in this project!

David had such an amazing time at his party yesterday-he had great energy and kept asking to stay with Mrs. Hubble.  These two have a special bond and we both tried very hard not to tear up after two years together with David.  I thanked her for loving our boy and then we both said "see you soon" instead of goodbye because both of us were teary-eyed. 
David yelled "goodbye everybody" and we left before tears were shed!  David is not the only one that was super attached to these ladies. During picture frame making yesterday, one of David's classmates started bawling.  We just thought that something had happened, but when he was asked he said he was going to miss first grade!!! 
When the kids got out of school yesterday, it was cloudly and a little cool.  Our family tradition is to go to Hungry Mother and swim.  We decided that it was too cloudy and cool to swim, so we opted for pizza and a movie instead.  They loved Misfit Pirate! 
On our way home, we talked to Mike and he was amazed that we have deviated from tradition!  The sun came out and we decided to put on lake clothes and crocs and go wade in the lake!  Well, you can imagine what transpired......
What started as harmless wading in the lake and throwing rocks, became a full out swim!  Poor David is so skinny but he had a BALL in that cold water:)

My kids are such water dogs and loved getting in that lake!

Sweet Hope was not sure about it at first,
But quickly was all in before we left!  It was one of those visits that you ride home bundled in a towel with nothing else on because your clothes got all wet!  Bring on summer-we are soooo ready!

I caught this cute picture of Hope's sweet little foot print in the sand:)

I am so thankful to God for the gift of this past week. This past week has felt like our before cancer life where we are constantly on the go.  Blessedly David's counts are up until June 4th, so we plan to live it up over the next week or so. We are so ready for a holiday weekend to catch up around the house, RELAX, enjoy an evening with friends, and maybe hit the lake again! 

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