Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tick tick

In some ways this has been a wonderful few days in Charlottesville. David is on the mend from that last dose of chemo and sickness and so far his counts have not bottomed out from the chemo. He is finally eating and drinking like a champ and we have had lots and lots of snuggle time. He is in a snuggle mood these days and he literally snuggles under my arm to watch a movie and then he insists to sleep with me which means that he takes up the middle of the bed sprawled eagle, and I an left to hang onto the sideof the bed-ha! I am so thankful for the quality time we have had this week to focus on Davids rest and healing here in this sweet condo.

The other side of me watches the clock constantly counting up the hours until we get to go home. I miss my other two so much and I miss Mike. I know the other two are in good hands and that they are fine, but I like all my chicks in the same nest. David misses life too Iknow, because he has called lots of people asking if they can come see him! He is so darn quick on my phone:)

Last night I spent some time reading the blog posts from our first dark and scary days here back in November. Wow the heartache bubbles back up when I read those words from a different lifetime six short months ago. We have come so far in six short months as a family and I will forever praise God for the peace that he has provided us each step of the way. In those original posts we were so scared and so desperate for hopeful news. I read over the prayer requests that we posted and the Lord has heard so many of the prayers and He provided us comfort and mercy when we were so desperate and heart sick for our Rock Star.

Life is never going to be the same again and that is okay with us because our Father has proven to us that In our weakness his strength is revealed. Last November Mike and I were both as weak and desperate as we have ever been and we saw his strength,power, mercy, and comfort revealed to us in our darkest hours. He will never leave us stranded and alone and with His grace and power on our side, we will be okay.

Please join me in praying for one of Davids UVA buddies named Alyssa. She is a fourth grader and has endured 14 months of intense chemo for osteosarcoma. She is in the hospital now for her last chemo treatment and a new "spot" was found near her original tumor site in her knee. Yesterday they were rejoicing and celebrating that her chemo was finished and today they are waiting to see if the tumor has returned already. I will update about her condition when I know more after the MRI.

Thank you for all the texts, emails and messages this week. We love to hear stories and updates from home when we are here. David misses his friends and yesterday he and sweet Garrett texted back and forth. Oh how precious!! Mike and Hope are coming down tonight!!!!! We will all four go tomthe scan tomorrow and then head HOME! I am so excited for the women's conference this weekend. I am no longer nervous to speak, because I am speaking on 2cor 12:9. In my weakness his strength is revealed!!! Happy Thursday from Camp Pendleton!

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  1. Prayers going up for David for his scan and blessings to your family. HUGS