Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Barry's recliner

As most of you all know we have been blessed with the use of this precious condo here at Camp Pendleton. We love our Charlottesville home and we are so grateful for the Pendleton's for allowing us to use this whenever we are in town. We have made some sweet memories here and my favorite part of the condo is Barry's recliner. I am not sure why we are assuming it is Barry's and not Bonnie's but either way we all love it. This week both of my youngest have requested that I rock them to sleep like a baby in it. For those that know me well you can guess that my answer was yes. I love to rock my babies no matter how big they are.

Around 8:00 I rock Hope and then after David finishes his meds via his port around 9:00 I rock him. Tonight he requested me to sing David Crowder to him. My precious son and I sang "How he loves us" all snuggled up in Barry's recliner and I bawled. I bawled because I know with all my heart the words we were singing are so true. Jesus truly loves us so much. Then I remembered today while we were working on retail therapy David's stamina at the mall that my son started singing this song loudly in the food court while I was chatting with my friend Lynne whom I happened to run into. While we were chatting David was in full hands-raised praise singing David Crowder in the mall.

Mike and I are feeling the heat right now. David is on the last yet intense leg of his treatment. Mike's job is extremely intense these days as the budget is ridiculously tight for public schools. Mike's Dad is in the hospital with more question marks than answers right now, and we are trying to keep Kyle's life as normal as possible with school and SOL tests. We are feeling pressed from all sides, yet both of us feel God's presence in our lives like never before.

After I got David snuggled in bed I fell to my knees in prayer. I thanked God for our snuggle time in Barry's recliner. I thanked Him for walking so faithfully with us through the last six months of this nightmare. I thanked Him for all the love and support that he has showered on us through you all. We are so blessed and loved because of our Jesus. I hate cancer but I am so the thankful for the life lessons that God has taught us through this nightmare and for the growth in our faith as a family. God knows we feel pressed from all sides tonight, but we will never be alone. God is using a brave seven year old cancer warrior to teach this Mom and Dad lots of lessons on faith and trust. Tonight snuggled in Barry's recliner I thanked God for the life of all three of my children, but especially for the skinny, bald-headed angel who reminds us each and everyday how much Jesus truly loves us all.

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  1. Hey Laura! I read your blog every other (if not every)day. I love, love, love it when you speak of how David just bursts out into song in crowded, public places!!! I could cry and laugh at the same time because of how precious that is!If only we could be so humbly bold;) Psalm 47:1 We think about and pray daily for/with "The Robinsons" and for David to make a full recovery with no incidences. Love and prayers! The Halls, Rich Valley, VA