Friday, May 18, 2012


We are still waiting for the scan. I am usually okay playing the waiting game but today I am struggling. I must admit that some of the delay was our fault. David woke up early and said he was hungry. We are so programmed to
Jump when he says he is hungry that I fixed him oatmeal and mike fed him. On the way to the hospital we realizes that he was not suppose to eat or drink anything prior to the scan. When we admitted it tp sweet nurse Patty she said
For us to come back at 1. It is now almost 2:30 and we are still waiting. I will update when we are done.

Please continue to join us as we pray for Alyssa. We talked with her parents this morning and they are in agony waiting for the biopsy results to see if her osteosarcoma has returned. Of
Course pray it is not cancer but also pray for peace and comfort.

I will update later with news:)

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  1. 1.) God Bless your sweet hearts. Its so much to keep up with and I pray David's results are all clear.
    2.) I am praying for Alyssa that NO CANCER IS in her body and for her wonderful family. Cancer is so horrible and it bring one down so fast that you have to Let God Help you back up! I don't like that nasty gut feeling and it turns my stomach as I relive our past feelings of cancer. GOD BLESS YOU ALL..