Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Home Sweet Beautiful Home

After a crazy day in clinic day we got the green light to come home!!!!  Initially we were scheduled for a CT scan tomorrow, but it was cancelled last week due to the fluid and/or pneumonia that was on his lungs last week.  The doctor last week felt that it was be silly to do a CT scan so close to a pneumonia episode so we decided to hold off.  When the doctors saw him today and witnessed how hyper he was they thought maybe to go ahead with the scans because clearly his lungs are now clear. 

I will admit my heart sank.  Our bags were packed and we were ready to hit the trail.  We will always do what is best for David, but I got sad thinking that I had promised a trip home that may not happen.

After much discussion and coordination it was decided that Rock Star can come home and rest for a few days.  His port is still accessed so we can continue the medicine via his port.  We will need to find a local angel to help us deaccess his port on Saturday-any takers?!!  :) We will have to return for another chemo round Monday if  he makes counts.  We will also have to make an additional trip next Friday the 18th for his scan.  Hopefully both of those trips will be and up and back in one day trip because the 18th I am sheduled to be at the Heart of Womens Conference!  (Local ladies are you going?)

So we are home sweet home this afternoon.  David is snuggled on the couch with Ashley right now playing Xbox.  We stopped super quickly in Radford and picked up our supper that my Mom made us.  What a treat because our fridge if bare!!  I am so excited to go pick up Kyle in a little bit from swimming and hug on my oldest a little bit.  Thank you for your prayers on this latest hospitalization.  We are going to enjoy some family time here at HOME!

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