Friday, May 18, 2012

Finally Home!!!

We are finally home after a long, long day at the hospital. I was really frustrated with us for goofing up the food which pushed everything back and then we were put off two hours additionally. I was disappointed that I had to miss tonight's portion of the women's conference and I was just grumpy today.Like always, David was a trooper and handled lots of anesthesia well. The sad thing about Friday afternoon scans mean that by the time we were finally finished no one was around to read them. So sadly we will probably not know any results until Monday.

We are all five under the same roof again tonight!! I am so thankful for the Grubbs for taking care of Kyle this afternoon and for feeding him. Mike gave me the best gift on the way home and took both kids in his car which gave me three hours to think, pray, and sing. Sarah martin has made me some wonderful cd's and I got my praise on tonight. I prayed so hard abut speaking tomorrow at the conference and I just prayed that I will represent Him well tomorrow. I cried over the agony Alyssa's parents are enduring tonight as they wait for her biopsy results. It was so wonderful to have that time tonight to just let it all out. Sometimes a good cry makes you feel so much better.

Mike will have the kiddos tomorrow as I head to the womens conference. A weekend at home is such a beautiful gift. Unless he needs a transfusion or gets sick, our next treatment is scheduled for June 4th. We are hoping he can visit the school sometime this week, but his labs today showed that his counts are on the downside from chemo this past Monday so we will have to check his counts Monday before heading back to school.

Off to bed! Thank you for all the encouragement today that got us through a long and frustrating day. We are so thankful for your love :)

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