Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday Pictures

David has had a great day!  He is starting to wear out and get cranky, tired:) Here is our day in pictures:)
He had to have an echocardiogram on his heart to make sure that the high levels of chemo have not affected his heart.  He did not enjoy this at first, but he settled down and it got done.
Ms. Kathryn the music therapist came by to sing some of his favorites songs like Big Green Tractor and Down by the Bay:)
Here is our message on our dry erase board today.  It is the chorus from the song by Sidewalk Prophets that I love so much plus a special message for Kyle!  Kyle rocked his Reading SOL today and we are soooo proud of him!!
David was so excited to see Ashley and Kyle!  They left to come to the hospital when Kyle finished his SOL. 
They brought his XBox!!!!!  Here are the boys playing Kinect:) David lasted a few minutes and now he is sitting in a rocking chair playing.  He is really worn out today.

My Mom texted me this cute picture of Hope at her house.  As you can see she is having fun and and is enjoying lots of grandparent and great-grandparent love!

Today has been a great day!  We are so thankful that he is responding so well to the antibiotics and that his stats are staying stable:)

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