Wednesday, May 30, 2012

In Our Weakness

This has been such a great week full of three busy kiddos loving summer.  On one hand we are excited to head back up to UVA Sunday night for our LAST five day inpatient chemo trip.  We are excited to see our UVA friends and of course finish up this last inpatient chemo.  On the other hand it breaks my heart that that the word hospital is even apart of our summertime. 

David is feeling great this week.  He has eaten a ton and has had lots of energy.  His current obsession is Peter Pan/Captain Hook/or anything pirate!  It is really cute to hear his pirate lingo!:) Kyle is loving basketball camp this week and Hope Madeline is beyond excited for her little princess party this weekend.  We have about ten girls coming over Sunday for princess makeovers!  It should be fun.  Mike said he will serve food and do all the prep work and clean up but please do not ask him to paint any finger nails!! HA!

Today we are gearing up for a day at the lake before David goes for chemo. Riding the boat on the lake is one of his favorite things to do!  The next few days we are hosting a big yard sale here in our neighborhood to get rid of lots of baby stuff and lots of  David's clothes that he has outgrown.  The littlest things make me tear up these days and I had a moment when I realized that some of the clothes that I had put in the too small pile now fit David because he has lost so much weight. 

I will admit that I have thoroughly enjoyed the last week or so of life feeling normal.  I am super excited to start prepping preschool rooms for next year.  I have two precious classes lined up for this coming year and I am so excited that Hope is on the roster as a student!!  What fun we will have.  Then on the other hand when I start thinking beyond chemo and cancer I get so full of fear and panic.  I know our lives will never be the same and that the idea that he can relapse at anytime is always a reality. 

Then I remember our Jesus.  We have been through such hard times over the last year where He has walked with us faithfully each step of the way.  I know as we finish chemo and start those monthly scans to check to see if the cancer has returned He will be there.  Because of Jesus we have such hope.  When panic and fear of relapse consume me I have to refocus on the promises of God from the bible.  He will not leave us, and He will always be there.  In our weakness His strength is revealed.  I am so thankful for that promise from 2cor 12:9 because lately this Momma has felt weak from the "what ifs" down the road in this cancer journey. 

But He said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.  Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me.

2Cor 12:9

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  1. Sometimes we suffer because God wants us to be like Jesus. He is molding us to be more like Jesus, in suffering times, we cry out to him with all our hearts and beg for him to help us. Smile God wants you happy! Prayers and love to your family. LC