Sunday, May 6, 2012

Trust In Jesus

This has certainly been a crazy week full of unexpected surprises such as bacterial infections, infiltrated ports, and unexpected hospitalizations.  This was suppose to be an off chemo week:)

A dear friend sent us a link to this song this morning and this pretty much sums up where we are in our faith right now.  We are in a place we do not want to be, yet our faith is so strenghtened by the presence of God in our lives.  We do not have assurances that David will not get sick again or that even that his chemo will forever stay in remission, but we do have our Jesus. 

Cancer has taught us many lessons, but the big lesson is that we truly do not have control.  I cannot will any stray cancer cells away so we do not have to fight this Goliath again, and I cannot control bacterial infections, but I can trust my Jesus.  I can find strength in the fact that life will throw us some curve balls but our Jesus will never betray us.  He was with me last week when David went septic in clinic, he was with us when his port flopped and we were worried he would need another surgery to fix it. 

Enjoy this wonderful song and I pray it helps us all remember to put our trust in the One who loves us all dearly and will forever be with us when the unexpected happens.

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