Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Take three

So today was not what we expected. we thought we would have a "quick" trip for chemo and be back home toight. Then his labs showed low hemoglobin and the doctor decided that he needed blood. So we are snuggled here at the Doubletree until our appointment tomorrow for the transfusion. Then tonight he has spiked a fever. Not a high enough fever to warrant a trip to the ER, but a fever that has made us rethink our plan. Mike and I talked tonight and decided that David and I would stay put here in Charlottesville through the week until his Friday CTscan. I really do not wish to be away from home again, but for David's health this is the right decision. So tomorrow we will get a transfusion and then head back to Camp Pendleton for a few days.

We are so on the home stretch and David's last bacterial episode needing the PICU is still fresh in my mind. We as a family can handle a few more weeks of craziness to get our Rock star healed and cancer free. Chemo is not for sissies and we are so thankful that he has made it this far with only a few incidences. We are so blessed that he has survived the chemo thus far and except for the two scary bacterial infections he has had very little nausea or vomiting. God has been so faithful to walk this journey with us and hopefully I will be home in time to talk about 2Corinthians 12:9 at the women's conference this weekend in Bristol.

I am going to sit up for a bit and watch our Rock star sleep and monitor his temperature. He has felt pretty rough this evening, so we covet your prayers that his fever stays away and his blood transfusion will perk him right up. We also hope his counts do not plummett too low which could open him up for another infection or delay his next treatment (the first week of June). Thank you dear friends for your prayers today and always as we roll along with this treatment course for our Rock Star!!

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