Friday, May 11, 2012


Sometimes life just multiplies in both good ways and some not so great ways. You often hear the saying "when it rains it pours" when people are talking about hard times stacking up. Then there are times in your life when you feel like love is multiplying. Last night was one of those times.
Anyone that has read this blog for the past few months knows that Ashley is a wonderful family friend that has worked with David for the last three years.  I could do a whole blog post on how awesome she is!  The guy on the left in this picture is Jason-Ashley's coworker and dear friend.  The guy on the right of David is Jason's twin brother, Jonas. 
Last night we went to the ballfield to cheer on Kyle playing baseball and Jonas and his girlfriend, Sheila met us there. I had met them previously at the Mr. Strong walk but last night they got to meet David for the first time.  Jonas is a sports buff who came to watch Kyle pitch and to meet David.

I love how God can multiply the people in your life.  Because of Ashley we have met some amazing friends like Jason and now his brother Jonas.  I am so thankful that my children have some amazing encouragers in their life that are not even blood related.  Jonas has agreed to help Kyle tweak his pitching some and of course I am so blessed with all the amazing pictures that Jason has blessed our life with.  We  do not have any family that live here in our county with us, and I am so thankful that God has put some amazing encouragers and friends in our life.  Not only did we enjoy the Burris brothers company, but AShley can always make me laugh.  It was also great to see some good friends last night at the ballfield that I have not seen in weeks!

David is feeling okay today.  He is a little sleepy and therefore a little grumpy, but he is doing well.  Today is the last day of our antibiotics so I will be a little nervous when he comes off of those.  His counts have hopefully rebounded some so hopefully his body can now fight off any germs that he may encounter. 

Mommy is doing okay with these nursing duties.  We have found a local nurse to help us deaccess David's port tomorrow.  Thank goodness for Sallie Lefler who has agreed to come help us out.  I can do lots of nursing duties but I get really nervous messing with his port. We are hoping that he can be deaccessed in time to play his Tball game tomorrow:)

 I have found that I am having a hard time transitioning from life at the hospital to home.  I tend to want to be a hermit when I come home and I guess that is normal.  The word relapse bounces around my brain all the time and I am trying so hard to turn it over to the Lord.  I also am so tired of the endless packing/unpacking that goes on with this process.  I feel like my life is in a suitcase at all times and things are hard to find.  I do not want to sound whiny at all on here, but I also want to be completely honest that this is not an easy process.  Even though some days like today are harder than others, I always have a place to go and pour out my fears and frustrations.  Jesus is always willing to listen to my  heart when I approach His throne.  He knows that the word relapse sends me into a pit of despair, he knows that I feel unorganized and anti-social right now and loves me and accepts me just the way that I am.  He made me and therefore he is not finished with me yet.

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  1. has been somewhat crazy this morning and i was getting aggervated..until i read this post! Thank You and your family will be seeing much much more of us if that's ok! Just the stories from Jason about Rock Star have really opened my eyes to certain things in life and for that, you and your family are a blessing! Sincerely..the other twin