Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday update

We just met with David's team during rounds. The good news is that his stats are still good and his labs are showing that his counts are trying to return to normal but still have a long way to go. His blood cultures have not grown anything yet which means that it is still a mystery which type of bacterial infection he had. He is on three different antibiotics to cover any possible infection.

Until his culture grows and his bacteria is identified then we need to stay on all three antibiotics which means that we will be here for a few more days. His doctor wants to start weaning him off of an antibiotic before we head back to the condo. For our comfort level it appears that we will be at the condo more than we will be home for the next week or so. After seeing how fast he plummetted when he went septic we are all nervous to take him home. We do not to wean him off of the antibiotic that he needs and his fever spikes again.

David is doing great this morning and is sitting in the rocking chair playing Xbox. Mike headed home to get back to work and Hope, GG, and Pops are headed down later this afternoon. I am a homeschooling mommy today working with David on his school work. We are doing well and your words of encouragement through text, comments on the blog, and emails have encouraged us so much. We are beyond blessed to have such a strong support system with you, our prayer warriorrs :)


  1. Prayers for each member of your precious family.

  2. Glad you are a strong MOMMY! I would be so nervous. I hate that he has to be away from home awhile but that's the best for him now. I am thankful you are at UVA and in great hands. Sad that it has to be this way. But better days are ahead! Prayers every night and day for David and your family.