Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday update

I am still here at Camp Pendleton with Hope and David. David is doing awesome and he is eating like a little piggy!! He was up at 10:00 last night wanting more pizza?!! It is so great to see his energy and appetite returning. Hope and I are doing well with our nursing duties and his port is still cooperating. We will get labs done in clinic tomorrow and if all is well then we will head home for a few days. We love Charlottesville and this precious condo but we miss home.

We are having fun just the three of us. We have played lots of skee ball on the iPad and we bought a math memory game yesterday and have played lots of number memory. Hope is obsessed with Max and Ruby these days. We are so thankful for our Charlottesville home here at the condo and we love Penn Park that is right down the street. We are going to visit with Sweet Haley tomorrow after clinic because the kids picked out a new toy for her yesterday.

Mike and Kyle are home holding down the fort at home. Kyle rocked his Virginia Studies SOL yesterday and we are so proud of him!! He is showing such maturity these days and I am so proud of him. It breaks my heart that I have yet to be home to fix him a big breakfast before his SOL's but Ashley and the Grubbs have obviously done a great job! The Grubbs have been such a blessing helping with Kyle and we would truly be lost with Ashley. Once again God is showing me that I am not the all-in-all for my children because He is suppose to be!!

We are holding our own here at Camp Pendleton. We are anxious to be home, but we are enjoying our time here together just the three of us. Usually our month of May is slammed but instead of running around crazy we are here in Charlottesville with nothing but time together. Instead of focusing on what I am missing atnhome I am choosing to
Relish what God has blessed me with. I have had lots of time with my two youngest, time to relax, and time to study His word.

Please also say a pray for Mike's Dad. I do not have specifics, but he was admitted yesterday to the hospital for low blood pressure and fainting spells. His health is not great to begin with. Hopefully this morning Mike will have more information about him. Good day from Hooville!

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