Monday, May 21, 2012

Simply Amazing

Today has been a simply amazing and wonderful day.  First off this morning we went to the doctor's office for David's labs.  This has been a pretty traumatic event in the past, but today those ladies at Family Physicians of Marion rocked it.  Very little stress and we were out the door! 

As a reward for being so brave for labs, we went to a nearby playground to play.  While we were there, we got the call from Margie the Nurse practicioner that his labs were great (except for a low hemoglobin) and that it was fine to go visit school!!!  We got quick baths and then headed to Marion Family Pharmacy for teacher gifts.  (Local folks if you need a gift for any occassion-go there.  They have some amazing things at very good prices!)

Anyway, as we were walking in the door at the pharmacy, our oncologist called my cell phone.  My heart sank, but she started right out that there is NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE in his scans and they are clear!!!!!  Praise the Lord we were so excited!!  He does have a tiny paracardial effusion which means fluid around his heart, and Dr. A does want an echocardiogram the next time we come in.  She is hopeful that it is just fluid left over from his virus two weeks ago:)  So with clear scans, good labs, and big smiles we headed to Marion Primary. 

Today was the first grade program.  David amazingly got to participate and pause the blog music to hear the special award that David received today.  You may want to grab a tissue-heaven knows I was sobbing like a baby!! AFter the video cuts out the entire gym gave him a standing ovation.  I am still tearing up thinking about all those sweet first graders cheering for our boy!  Thank you God for such a special moment for our Rock STar. 

David is always a little shy when he first comes back to school, but here is Mrs. Amazing Hubble coaxing him out of the closet!

We have so enjoyed our two years with Mrs. Hubble-she is such an amazing teacher and sweet soul.
The class had tye dyed David and Rocky Duke a shirt for the program! Here is sweet Kelsey and David having a happy reunion!

DAvid and Rocky Duke cheesing for the camera.  Rocky Duke has been David's monkey in his chair this year to keep David's seat warm while he had to be away for treatments and hospitalizations.  The class and staff have enjoyed Rocky Duke and Mrs. hubble has posed him each day and sent us a picture when we were away:)
David and the three ladies that have kept him going this year!! Mrs. Hubble, Ms. Collins, and Ms. Alley!  These ladies have hearts of gold and we are so thankful for all their love for our Rock Star!
David was a little too shy to sit with his class during the show, but he sang from Miss Alley's lap!  She has such an amazing gift for working with special needs children.
Here is Mrs. Williams, the principal, giving David his special star student ribbon for being so courageous and brave! 
Deep in thought:)

To celebrate such wonderful news today and to celebrate a wonderful year with wonderful friends, we took some mini cupcakes and juice boxes to share with his friends after the show. I caught Miss Priss feeding David his cupcake:) 

Our hearts are so full of gratitude for such wonderful news today from the scans.  Praise God he is free of nodules and cancer at this time.  I am so thankful to God also for such an amazing school like MPS.  Their love, support, and encouragement for David this year has truly been mind-blowing.  I still reminisce about the welcome back he received in December, all the cards, pictures, and love.  We praise God today for such wonderful news and such amazing and generous love for our boy-we are all grinning and wiping away happy tears. 


  1. Bless that babies' heart. He is such a trooper. This is such good news. Will continue to pray for your family.

  2. So glad to hear David's scan results today! I have been following your blog since the beginning of his diagnosis. I pray for this child daily, even though we have never met. I pray for the whole family because I am a mother and grandmother, too. Our God is an awsome God and He is in the miracle business! We have a miracle in our family. His name is Jonah and he wasn't supposed to live. But because of answered prayers, he is still with us. So, I KNOW what prayers and miracles are all about and I have been praying for one for David. Thank you for your blog and keeping us up to date on Davids progress! God Bless You! Love in Christ, Debbie Riley, Rural Retreat, VA

  3. Praise God for His unfailing Grace! I was thinking about how great it was to meet you in the Dr. office today and to see two of your precious children-then here it is your Simply Amazing Day. We are so very happy for you all. I loved getting to see your lake day outing and Rock Stars school visit pictures. Thank you for sharing. We love you all and are keeping you in our prayers. Prayers for Gods special Blessings!! Liz & Wayne Moreland

  4. It was good to see you too at the doctors office:) That was the start of our great day!

  5. So, so, very happy...*tears*...Just high fived Zac as we have prayed for this moment to come. Zac said to his dad, "Dad! We've been praying for David to have a good scan, and it was good!" *sigh* I have the words running through my head as I type this..."Give thanks to the Lord, our God and King, His love endures forever. For He is good, He is above all things...Sing PRAISE, Sing PRAISE..." Love you guys! The Halls

  6. I have been reading your blogs for months. We have a mutual friend Wendy Holman. I started reading them while my son was in the hospital from a car accident back in January of this year. I just wanted you to know that you and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. PRAISE GOD, for this sweet boy and cancer free results. I have been thinking of you all. Wondering, about his results. I am so thankful! Bless his sweet heart and body. God, I pray you comfort David in your arms and continue to strengthen him! Laura, you are a great mother. God is so good. OH HOW HE LOVE US!! Lora

  8. Praise God, Praise God, Praise God, the most beautiful name I know! So happy and thankful for the news, CANCER FREE!! The power of prayer and God's mercy and grace. Continued prayers for David, many other children here at home, UVA and elsewhere battling life threatening illness. God is so good. With love and a thankful heart to your family. Reba Cress