Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Field Day and Chemo Update

Today Hope and I visited Kyle's school for field day!  I feel like I have missed so much of Kyle's fourth grade, that I was thrilled that we got to go cheer on his class.  He has had a wonderful fourth grade year!!

Kyle and Mason!
The hula hoop pass game!  They were so smart to stagger themselves by height and they showed such great teamwork!!
These pictures make me belly laugh!  They had a dress relay and here is kyle sprinting in his shower cap, dress, and with his purse:)
Run Kyle run!
Kyle and Andy!  MIS has been such a wonderful school for Kyle this year. He has had a caring and compassionate teacher that has loved on him when our life has been crazy this year.  His teacher would find little love gifts for kyle in her box when we were first at UVA-secret little friends that would show Kyle some love when our life was crazy and unpredictable. 

I have had several questions about the rest of David's treatment and scans.  We are on the home stretch (praise God!) but he still has three big treatments to endure.  His next treatment is scheduled for June 4th when we will be admitted for five days of intense Etopicide and Cyclophosphomide.  He will get a 25% decrease in dosage because he got so sick with his septic bacterial infection episode two weeks ago.  After that big five day treatment he will have two additional treatments of the triple dose that made him so sick last week.  Those will happen on June 25th and July 16th if he makes counts each time to receive those treatments.

After his last treatment on July 16th we will enter into maintenance phase where he will have monthly scans to see if the cancer returns when he is out of active treatment.  You can imagine that that will be agonizing and grueling as we wait and see what happens.  When I get scared and nervous I just keep remembering how far we have come and how faithful our God has been to us. He has proven to be so faithful that He will meet us in those scan rooms in the months and years to come as we watch and see if the cancer has returned.  We will get real cozy with "the donut" (aka CT scan machine) as that will be the way to determine if the cancer returns.  We will also be watched closely to make sure that all the toxicity of the chemo has not negatively affected his heart and kidneys and other organs.

That is all we know as of now.  We thank you for your words of encouragement and love as we got such wonderful news from the scan on Friday.  Of course that is the first of many that he will have, but it is exciting that no cancer has returned while in active treatment.  We will celebrate and praise God for every milestone knowing that at anytime the cancer can return.  We also ask for prayer for our UVA buddy, Alyssa who got the sad news today that her cancer returned on her last day of chemo.  Her family hopped a flight today for Houston for additional scans and advice as they battle osteosarcoma. Please remember them in your prayers as they have a big battle on their hands.

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